Turning 30

So yes, It seems that June 8th, 2009 will be the day that I turn Dirty Thirty, ya'll. I gotta say, I'm not really all that upset about it. I don't know if it's because I've always felt older than my years or if in our society, we're no longer really expected to "be" a certain something by the age of thirty as much as say, 20years ago. I'm not married, I don't have children, and despite that, I don't feel my proverbial "clock" ticking away. There's plenty of time for that... or not, if I so choose. So yeah, thirty's no big deal.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that right now I feel the most confident, self-assured, sexy and sexually free I ever have in this life of mine (and humble, can't you tell?). Is it because I don't care about how others view me or my body or what I think is sexually stimulating? Partly, yes, I think so. Also because I've been lucky enough to have met people in my life that have helped me grow as my own person and get comfortable in my own skin. As much as I would love to take all the credit, there were people I've crossed paths with that have changed me forever. Some angels, some devils. Sometimes we passed each other like ships in the night (I always wanted to use that phrase!), and there have been few and precious times that I've been lucky enough to call those people long-time friends. Or "suckers" as I like to call them. You're stuck with me now, bitches!

But I digress...
I'm trying to say that on this birthday, I'm happy. Also, thirty can go suck it. I'm still a hot bitch.

You like that Olan Mills hand-gently-placed-under-chin shit, huh? Now THAT ladies and gents, is pure unadulterated modeling talent. Drink.it.in.