There is a light at the end of the tunnel, folks. March 4th, I will no longer be the "cubicle-working productive member of society" by day. NO MORE, I say! I've finally given my notice of resignation to the day job that I've worked so hard at for 10 years and will be working exclusively on the businesses I've started. Who would have though that the 21 year old girl that walked through those doors would find her strengths, weaknesses, bestest friends and absolute love of her life in those walls. I'll always be thankful for the opportunities I had been given there and for the things I had been allowed to learn and experience.

I'm a little sad, a lot excited and terribly proud of the leap of faith I'm taking. It's not going to be easy but it's going to be rewarding and exactly what I need and have always wanted. Thank you to everyone who has helped push and pull me and egg me on into becoming the woman I was meant to be.
It's onward and upward from here, kids!

Here's to the future!

GPOYW - Hey, Hey, HEYYY. I'm on Glitter Gloss Garbage!!

I absolutely adore Aprill from Glitter Gloss Garbage. She's funny, sassy and she really knows her stuff when it comes to makeup. So when she asked me to maybe write a lil' somethin' about the fancy face I was planning on putting on the other day, YOU KNOW I WAS ALL OVER THAT. Honored? Oh yes, yes, y'all.
So go on over to GGG and see me talk about my drugstore makeup addiction and what I use to get myself camera ready.

Happy New Year!

What a busy winter this is starting out to be! Between the holidays and the day job and whoring and laying the groundwork for 2011, I've barely had time to breathe. I'm so thankful for all the new people I've met and for the opportunities that continue to come my way, regardless of how busy I get! 2010 has been full of revelations and surprises and has never been dull, I will certainly say that!

It's looking like 2011 is going to be just as full. My dance card is filling up quickly and I'm absolutely ecstatic about some of the awesome things that are coming up. January 6th, I'll be sharing some of my experiences at the monthly Red Umbrella Diaries event in NYC. You can read more about it at Red Umbrella Project. The night's theme is "Dirty Tricks" and well, I've certainly got some experience with those.

Loooook! It's me!! Haha I'm not supposed to talk about how nervous I am, right? Come if you're in the area! I'll buy ya a drink.
Aaaand, February 4th, I'll be lap dancing for charity at a fundraiser hosted by Tied Up Events benefiting the SWA. Let me shake my money maker for you for a good cause! Check it out at Tied Up Events.

Exciting, huh?? I cannot wait to see what else 2011 has in store. My resolution for this year is to continue to put myself out there and take more chances. I also am going to ramp up my efforts to ditch the day job and morph my dreams of being a fancy independent businesslady into reality sooner rather than later.

It's going to be a great year, y'all. I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year's Day and that you have a prosperous year filled with love for yourself and others. I love ya, you filthy bastards.