GPOYW: Just Waking Up Edition

Mr.Darling caught me just getting up so here's me and my bedhead, no makeup, covers and pillows everywhere. :)

I never thought I'd love this but...

I cannot get enough of the calls I get from NiteFlirt. I mean, SERIOUSLY. I love hearing from ya'll who have taken the chance to get me on the phone and just talk about anything and everything! I'm adding new specialty lines every week so check them out! From fun to filthy and lighthearted to heavy-handed, I think we should be able to come up with something to wet your whistle.  ;)

The links are in the side bar... I cannot wait to talk to you!

GPOYW: Pink Tights Edition

Now that it's fall, I'm able to bust out my favorite collection in my wardrobe: my TIGHTS!! That being said, you've been warned that you'll be seeing a ton more pics of me sporting my colorful array of stockings, tights and leggings. You're welcome. :)

You can even see my striped thong and well....something else peeking out from under the gusset. *giggle*

So since sooo many got the question right.... (I know, it was kinda easy. But so am I.)

Heeeeere's Vagina! After the jump for those who do not love vagina. But I gather that if you don't love vagina, you probably wouldn't be reading my blog.

GPOYW - cam shot edition...TITTIES N' GLASSES

Tittaaaaaays. Awww yeah, Ya'll.

I've updated my wishlist!

It's been so long since I updated the items on my wishlist so I figured what the hell, I might as well since I get so many requests for the link to it. I'm so grateful that anyone would want to spoil me like that!! I have a few items that I'm droooooling over and of course most of them will get you TONS of free stuff if you get them for me!! One item in particular would get you (2) hours of camming with me (which can be split up over the month, if you'd like), (5) of my very naughty videos, a (20) minute phone session, AND a custom video or photo set of your choice. PLUS my undying love forever and ever... a pretty good deal, no? LOL
So, if you're so inclined to be my favorite person on the planet, maybe check it out? Love you guys. :)

Want to talk to me?

I've always kicked around the idea of starting to offer phone fun and phone with cam fun. It seemed to be a great way to connect with you and really kick the excitement up a notch. That said, I now have a line on NiteFlirt and will be taking calls soon! I'll be offering panty and pantyhose fetish chat, sissy training and cross-dressing assistance, a sex tips and advice line and so much more!

Call Button

I'll be posting buttons like these in the sidebar of this blog so you'll know when I'm available for calls as well as updating my status on Twitter when I'm live. I can't wait to get to talk to you!