Ravished and Worshipped

Serving dinner in nothing but an apron and heels seemed like a fabulous idea.

I was right.

Making someone sit across the table from you, not letting them touch you, as the apron tied around your neck barely contains your breasts: quite the foreplay mind fuck.
"Would you like more wine?"
I get up to fetch the bottle. As I walk away, the satin bow where the apron ties again around my waist is sweeping back and forth over my bare bottom, my 4" heels click-clicking on the hardwood floor. I imagine how I must look from behind and I smile a little to myself, trying to keep my cool. Trying to not climb atop him in that chair and satisfy the throbbing that begun the minute I slipped on my favorite heels in preparation for this evening. He's smiling, loving every minute of this pleasant surprise, this extended foreplay.

After finishing the meal, I had designs of teasing him further on the couch but apparently he had a few ideas of his own. Getting up from the table, I go to clear the plates and he stops me. Pushing me up against the wall, pressing his weight against me, he starts kissing me slowly but deeply. His hands running down my curves and up to my breasts. Lightly squeezing my nipples through the thin fabric of my apron, he gets the response he was looking for when I start to squirm.
Now we're getting somewhere.

Leading me to the bedroom, he stands me before the bed. Kissing my throat and shoulders lightly, he slowly unties the apron from around the back of my neck and then at my waist. As it falls to the floor, I'm left in only my stilettos. Perfect. He has me lie down and begins kissing and caressing my entire body. He knows my most intense orgasms occur after my entire body's been attended to. I'm not complaining. Down my neck, around my nipples, over my stomach and onto my hips, he moves his lips, tongue and fingers. Rubbing down both arms and each leg, kissing and gently biting all the way. He bends my knees up and I part my thighs. I know already that I'm soaked. First teasing me by licking the outer lips (until I though I'd scream), he parts them with his tongue and gently runs it up and down my inner lips. I'm starting to tremble a little and my breathing is speeding up slightly. The build-up and rub-down have me already on the edge and I'm sure to cum soon. He purposely avoids my clit, knowing that it drives me insane. Pushing his tongue inside me ever so slowly, I'm starting to squirm. He starts fucking me with it. I'm so so close and his hands on my hips are keeping me steady, he knows I'm going to cum. Just as I start falling over the edge of orgasm he immediately moves to my little swollen clit and starts sucking.
Oh. My. God.
It's mostly a white-hot blur but I remember arching my back and moaning, writhing under his grip as his tongue flicked my pulsing clit while still sucking it. My body is a ball of nerves with the orgasm pumping through every vein. Once he released my little pussy from his mouth, I collapsed on the bed, panting. Reaching up from between my legs, he ran his fingers over my hard nipples, rubbing my swollen breasts. Moving his hands down over my heaving chest, over my stomach and back to my hips, then down my inner thighs. He then sits up and moves to lean over me. Kissing me hard, pushing that magic tongue in my mouth, I get to taste myself. It's sweet and instantly gives me a hot flush all over.
"Ready for round two?" He asks, as he grins like the Cheshire cat and heads back down between my soft thighs. He hadn't even taken off his shoes yet.

It occured to me that this was going to be a long night.

I was right.

Halloween's Coming!

OMG this is absolutely my most favoritest time of year EVAR.

I cannot wait for the haunted houses and scary hay rides to open so I can get my GHOUL on. Oh, and there's nothing that says "Halloween" like watching The 100 Scariest Movie Moments on Bravo. I will stone-cold break a bitch's fingers if they try and change the channel when that's on. I don't care if I've seen it a million times, I'll watch it a million more and no one will stop me.

Also? I've discovered a new-found joy in giving out candy to the lil bastards of my neighborhood. I know those kids must make out like bandits since it's a really nice area with tons of huge houses that decorate like mad for Halloween. Imagine how much candy they much take home! I know I personally give out a nice handful of the good shit to all the little snot rockets that come a-calling because I don't ever want to be "that house". You know, the one that give out ONE piece of shitty candy and sends you on your way? Something gross like black licorice or dum-dums? That's a sure way to get your ass on the "Fuck That House Up" list for Mischief Night the next year. No thanks. Never underestimate the viciousness of upper-middle class brats with too much time on their hands and too much allowance money. But I digress...

Yeah, really starting to take a shine to the candy-giving thing. The really little kids, the ones too young to be greedy assholes yet? Those are my favorite. They're always so proud of their costumes and so excited to get to fill their bag up. It really warms a tiny corner of my cold, black heart a little. Just a little.

Don't resist, go ahead, I'll wait... "Awwww..."

Mmhmm. You try and tell me you're not giving that little rug rat EVERYTHING YOU GOT in that candy bowl. Just dump it all in his little pumpkin bag and call it night cause he won this round.

The other fun part about giving out candy on Halloween is the Prostitots. The almost-legal girls that go Trick or Treating dressed like they're just stopping by before their shift at Scores? Yeah, those. Is it wrong to look? I mean, teenage girls didn't look like that when I was growing up, I'm sure of it. Good googly-moogly. Last year there were two girls, maybe 17 or so, both dressed in outfits I'm sure they could only have gotten from Leg Avenue. No lie. One was a bumble bee and the other? Yeah, a ladybug. Mini petticoated skirts, fishnets and all. So they knock on my door and I'm trying like hell to not stare but I'm sure the shock on my face was obvious. I'm also sure it was the same look they were getting all night. I'm handing them the candy and avoiding looking at them the way you avoid looking directly at the sun. No one's gonna be calling me a dirty fucking perv, no god damn way.
This isn't an exact example but it's pretty fucking close:

*sigh* I know, I know. I'm going to hell, I got it already.
So yeah, looking forward to see if this year we get more jailbait-in-stripper-gear. Here's to hoping! Wait, can I go to jail for saying that? Fuck.

Let the Games BEGIN.

Time to start cracking! I've got a bunch of shoots scheduled in the upcoming months and now is the time to get ready for them! In addition to amassing wardrobe and figuring out hair and makeup, I've got a routine that I do before photo shoots. A few little things I like to do to be sure my skin, body and mind are all ready and at their best before go-time. No one wants a flaky model on their set and I'm sure they'd love to not have to photoshop the hell out of you because you're tired or having a shitty skin day. That being said, I feel like preparation is key. Especially since I'm not 21 anymore (or 25, but who's counting? lol), I really gotta be conscious of what I do and what I put into my body. Most certainly if I'd like people to continue to want to take pretty, dirty pictures of me! Now these are things I do normally but certainly not as die-hard as I should. Although, once I've scheduled a shoot, there's no room for deviation if I want to look and feel human in front of a camera ...most times naked.

Two weeks before shooting:
-30mins Power Yoga (Sadie Nardini - she's friggin awesome, buy her DVDs!) 3 days/week.
-30mins Weight Training (I use a stability ball and light free-weights) 2day/week. (opposite days from yoga.)
-Drink as much water as I can stand. (Seriously, you should always get your 64oz a day but I really go into over drive with the water, it helps battle any bloating and makes my skin glow.)
-TONS of melons. (they're mostly water which help with water retention and hydration, not to mention packed with vitamins.)
-Lots of dark green veggies. (you can't beat the vitamins and FIBER you get from them. Think "light on your feet", haha too much?)
-Sleep, sleep and more sleep. (I don't have to tell you that you need to be properly rested daily for your body to work it's best and for your skin to not look un-dead. I make sure I get at LEAST 8 hours if not more.)
-Cut out the salt. (This? This is the hard one for me. I looove salty foods. But it's really the devil when you're trying to have really awesome-looking skin. Salt = Bloat. Keep it to a minimum.)
-Exfoliate. (Use a good body scrub to sluff away any dry skin. I use it all over: my ass, my tits, my legs, arms... everything. Trust me, it's worth it!)
-Do not, I repeat: DO NOT try any new products, vitamins, perfumes, etc. (I was always tempted to but some fancy moisturizers and creams for a big event but you never know what kind of reaction you'll have to them. Hives are not sexy, ya'll. Use what your body knows and is used to!)

That's pretty much it! I'm sure it sounds super obsessive to some people but honestly, you want to put your best out there when someone is taking time to photograph you. Being prepared goes a long way to helping relieve stress beforehand so you can just show up ready to work and ready to have fun!!

So I've been sick with the cooties..

A whole shitty week and a half of grossness. No nakey-time, no porn watching. Yeah, I know! I was really sick, huh??
But thank the sweet baby Jesus I've gotten my shit together and am now hoping for some fun and fabulous time this weekend recording clips and camming til my cute little clit falls off with delight! haha
ok, maybe not that far, but you get the gist!!

OH! I've also signed up for NiteFlirt and am hoping to get some fun MP3s recorded. I've got such a twisted imagination, I think it'll be fun to put it to good use!! Once i get some fun things together I'll be sure to post them here. :)

Anyone know...?

...How I can make a background like this for photoshoots? I wouldn't even know what the hell it's made out of but if anyone has any suggestions on how to duplicate it, I'd be so grateful!

Oh and yes, that's Aubrey O'Day. She's a sassy broad and I *heart* her.

New Video... Tits and glasses :)

Dewds, I had a friggin blast with this one! I got so worked up after a session of Topless Chat last week that I just HAD to make a video of the aftermath! Go check out my Clips4sale store for the full clip!!
Oh and well, If you like cute girls in glasses, this is totally for you :)

This is a No-Brainer. Ashlee Adams for Penthouse Pet of the Year!

If you guys follow me on Twitter, you may notice every now and again that I like to forward or re-tweet links from awesome people to pimp out their work. So when Ashlee Adams (GodsGirls.com model, January 2009 Australian Penthouse Pet of the Month and all-around awesome girl) tweeted a need for a little help in the way of some much-deserved promotion, it was a no-brainer.

Here's the bottom line: Ashlee Adams is one of the most down-to-earth girls I've had the pleasure to interact with. Both classy and brash, homemaker and geek girl, she brings the total package to the table. Girls like her deserve Penthouse of the Year so please take a little time to vote for her? There's only about 2 weeks left to get your entry in and takes literally like 15 seconds to vote!

Little Darling Lost

Feeling a little off my game today. I'm sure the fact that I'm quite possibly getting sick has everything to do with it. If you're sick, stay home. Seriously? No one wants your cooties. I promise.

Hopefully I'll get my mojo back in full swing after a nice quiet weekend!

Fat ass, Satin panties...

... two great tastes that taste great together :)

DIY time!

New adventure... Carpenter/Furniture maker Girl!
I'm determined to make some more fun stuff for my lil makeshift studio in my house so I can crank out some more awesomeness and hopefully let other models use the space as well.
I REALLY want this background - which is really just a glorified padded headboard with covered buttons.

Isn't that fucking sweet?

I found a few sets of DIY instructions on how to make this and I'm going to enlist my handy men (and oh how handy they are! lol) to tackle this with me. I just need to decide on a fabric and color. Hmmm... any ideas on good websites to buy discounted fabric?