Ah yes... a rarely-updated blog is a sad blog.

I've been totally enamoured with Tumblr and have pretty much been treating this blog like it's gonna write itself. Sorry, ya'll! :)

No big revelations since the last time I checked in. Still a sex worker, still working the corporate job, still have no idea what I wanna be when I grow up. Selling panties in person like a motherfucker, though! Panty fetishists are pretty much my favorite, I'm sure I've mentioned. So anytime I've got an opportunity to play with them in person is totally a good day. The fact that I get paid for that is totally amazing since it's so much fun. But I do, and it's awesome. :)

As well as using my milkshake to bring all the panty-sniffers to the yard. (really?) I've been thinking a lot about not just living to take up space and how I can contribute to the world in more than just nut-busting ways. Feeling my activist roots and wanting to make a difference in any way I can has been gripping my thoughts, like, for real. I'll be attending some of the Equality Forum events in Philly this weekend and I think that'll stir up some git-up-n-go into my kool-aid. We shall see, I suppose.

Anyway, I hope everyone's been well and that you're enjoying the spring weather. Summer's right around the corner and I'm totally stoked.
Bikinis and beaches and half naked hot chicks, oh my!