Do you really need to be a cockbag at 8:00am?

Here's the email conversation I had first thing this morning with our resident shithead co-worker. (every office has one.)

Asshat Dennis: I need the info for Mr. Customer's credit approval ASAP. I'm too busy to come into the office. (mind you he's not my boss, not even above me in chain of command but he works on the road as a salesman and they get snippy since their job sucks, so I help them when I can since we're all on the same team. Apparently he didn't get the "I'm helping you out of the kindness of my heart" memo.)

Me: Ok, give me one sec. to track it down.

Asshat Dennis: I'll be waiting. I'm busy and need it now. (WTF? didn't I just say i was getting it? this motherfucker...)

Me: (4 mins later) Account # xxxxxxxxx approved for $12, 500 - no conditions. Make sure you adjust the recession dates on the paperwork.

Asshat Dennis: Took you long enough. and you mean recision.

Me: Whatever, Dennis. Just make it happen, please. I know you said you're busy, but it's good to see that you're not too busy to check people's spelling in a casual email. By the way, if you want to get technical, its rescission.

Asshat Dennis: oh.

This is my life, ya'll. Now you see why I'd rather sell my panties on the internet.

trying something new...

Ok, new uncharted territory... a paysite with my name on it will be going live soon...
yep. A little nervous, a bunch excited...
I know I should have done it all myself; bought the domain, set up my own account through Epoch or CCBill, and designed it, but I'm lazy and I just wanna try this new medium out so I'm using a multi-model site-type set up... they get half of everything I make and I get to just submit my photos, videos, etc... I've signed no contract and the fine print says all the material is still mine should I choose not to work with them any longer so if i hate it, I still own my own images and content. Will post when it goes live... who knows, maybe I'll love it!

(*having second thoughts*)

BUT I've made a commitment, and although I'm not bound by any contract, I gave my word. So I will work hard give it my all. 'Cause that's how I roll.


Sometimes i feel like,
"Pay no attention to the man, er woman, behind the curtain."

Above: Working in my underoos (complete with messy desk). Below: Finished product. Amazing what a little MAC and hair product can do.


Oddly enough, for someone who never shuts up and has an opinion on, well, everything; I sure an having a hard time with this first post. I feel like it should be magical, witty and fantastic; everything a first blog post should be! A representation and maifestation of pure unadulterated fabulousness! or fabulosity! or whatever!

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to settle on a little bit of mediocraty. Such is life.

Ha! First Blog cherry busted!
Booya! take that, procrastination!