Current listening obession.

God I love Jes's voice. Fucking LOVE.

Still not getting dressed....


Update from yesterday...

Naked Monday was a blast.... thank you to everyone who loved the idea and sent me love on Twitter about my preview photo! A super special thank you to those who took advantage of my ravenous libido and indulged in a show (or two)... you, my loves, rock!
I had so much fun yesterday that I decided today will be a continuation of the gloriousness of last night!

Cam Shows ALL DAY!! woot!

Message, IM or @ me on Twitter to get the ball rolling!

Happy Monday!

SOooo... All morning I was thinking of a way to make my Monday (and yours) a little more exciting...
And it hit me, nakedness always makes people happy! What about dirt cheap nakedness? EVEN BETTER.

So for today, (and maybe all week depending on if I get a good response) I'm giving super duper cheap cam shows... I'm talking $1.00 per minute ... I know, right?? Do you think that would make the Monday better? I do! haha

Don't be shy, message me.. you know you wanna!

My Dream Closet...

... should be big enough to house a family of three.

Do you see that Mirrored dressing table/chest of drawers??? Drink it in, ya'll.

In-Person Fetish Sessions

"forced bi sessions are no fun when the sub wants to suck cock"

I read that this morning and my blood rushed. Then it got me thinking about a potential client I just met. Then that got me thinking about expanding my in-person fetish sessions. So yes, for those of you that have been asking, begging and pleading, I will be taking on new clients again. I may - MAY see you if you pass certain criteria and screening. I am not cheap and I am not available everyday but what I am is worth it and experienced. My interests are vast and varied so there is a good chance that I'll entertain your specific desires as long as they're safe, legal and something I'm interested in entertaining/exploring/revisiting.

Information is here. Please read the information in its entirety if you are interested in getting together.


Featured on Craftastophe.

Scratch-N-Sniff?? Omg, I can't.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Androgyny!

Y'know, it's really always been a factor. I've never been able to deny myself: gender-bending makes my panties moist. Even as a child, my sexual fantasies or things that made me all "tingly down there" were of boys that wore make up and girls that wore suits. David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Boy George, Michael Jackson (but he was so preeeetty in the 80's!) and of course the whole slew of hair bands. (long hair, spandex and makeup? yes please!)

So it's really no surprise that I'm attracted to those who play with genders and gender roles. Men who enjoy playing with lingerie, pantyhose and makeup during sex have always been my favorite fetishists to indulge, in my professional as well as my personal life. There's just something about a man who is secure enough to play with these notions of dress-up with abandon and without embarassment that really do it for me.

Quentin Tarantino via Celebitchy

Genderqueer, unisex, androgynous, transexual, tomboy, sissy, etc... I don't care how you identify. Challenging or bending the mainstream views of what is male or female? Yeah, that's so goddamn hot I can barely stand it.

Buck Angel

SOooo yeah, Right now my latest crush is on Ian Harvie. What a fucking hot piece. Sugar, do *not* come to the Philadelphia area or you might get molested. In the best, most nice way possible of course. *wink* ha!

Ian, I've just discovered that you're on Twitter. I promise not to twitterstalk too horribly. Maybe.

Freckles Fetish

"How would he keep track of which freckles he had counted? Would he use a colored pen to mark the ones he already got? Would he be really sad when he got to the end and there were no more freckles left to count?"

Excerpt from "Freckle Fetish" on Kat's Blog, KatStories. Please go read her Tumblr, she makes me laugh so hard I pee a little.

Merkins, Merkins Everywhere!

So I've got this unhealthy obsession with merkins. Furry ones, sparkly ones, weird ones, silly ones. I don't own any since I could never decide on which one I wanted, not to mention where would I wear one, exactly? Photo set? Kinky Funtimes? I need to come up with some ideas so I can start my collection. I mean, come on, look at these works of art*... costumes for your chooch!

Images courtesy of
*The bait-n-tackle-creepy-purple-worm one really messed with my emotions but I had to post it 'cause 2010 is all about facin' my fears and whatnot. New year, new you! or some shit. :)