That's totally me since today feels like one giant face-plant.

The Monday after a holiday weekend. Is there anything more dreadful? I'd love to be in bed, wrapped up in blankets. *sigh*
There were tons of dramarific post-worthy revelations unraveling this past week but I'll refrain from giving them any more steam. I'll just say this: Claiming someone else's likeness and passing it off as your own to the masses is fucked up. A lie of that magnitude negates any truths or goodwill you may be trying to dole out. Period.
OK, now that's that. I hope you all had a fun week and that you have a fun and memorable night planned for the new year! I'm hoping to spend it on my couch but Mr. Darling may throw a monkey wrench in those plans. :)

On Christmas Eve...

This, apparently is what you get when you google images for "Christmas Whore". Pretty rad.

I have no clue whose image this is but it's awesome and I'm making one as soon as I get home.

December 17th. A Day of Remembrance.

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December 17th is observed as the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

There are so many heartfelt, solemn and inspiring posts being written around the net today and I'd like to share a few of them with you.
Today, I will try my best to not be overtaken with sadness and instead will try and be hopeful that change is coming. It must.

Audacia Ray - December 17: Int Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Amanda Brooks - Words and Remembrance

Debauched Diva - December 17th

Sabrina in Stockings - Under My Red Umbrella

Kimberlee Cline - To Sex Workers Everywhere, December 17

Cameryn Moore - Respect and Rights for Sex Workers Everywhere

I will keep adding to this list as I come across them. If you'd like your blog post or article added, please let me know.

Getting on with it.

SOooo. Yeah. I've always sucked balls at advertising myself when it pertains to sex work. I get cozy and comfortable with my regular clients and forget that I need to keep changing and growing my business. I guess my problem is that I forget to look at it like a business? I need to get it together. My goal for 2010 is to step up my game and make the big things happen. Mama needs to work from home and that ain't gonna happen sitting on my tuckus.

By the way, if you read this blog, I love you. I really do. Even if you don't comment (although when you do comment, it totes gives me a ladyboner.) I love you very much. It warms my cold black heart that anyone would take a shine to me and care at all for what the hell I'm rambling on about. So yeah, thank you for making this a pretty awesome year for me and my little blog!

What's currently stuck in my head.

I just cannot get over this song. It's the perfect winter lullaby.
Oh Kate, come sing me to sleep.

A new chapter.

Exciting news: I'm working on exploring an area of sex work I've never dabble in before.

It's a scary, funny, delightfully big step for me. I've been curious for quite a while and I have the blessings of Mr. Darling (I always have his blessing with anything I'd like to try, I'm a very lucky gal) to go ahead and dip my toe in. I've read up on it all, I've researched for MONTHS and I've decided it's something worth pursuing. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm hoping I'll be as good as it as I think I'll be.

That being said, I won't be advertising any of these new services here or twitter or anywhere associated with Savannah Darling, for discretionary reasons. Although, I will be using this blog to share my stories and experiences as I navigate my way through new uncharted territory!

So I guess this qualifies as a bonafide "New Amateur Girl Adventure", huh? :)

An article seriously worth reading.

This put into words many of the feelings I have about Sex Work.

"The opposition to sex work stems from the same kind of purity myth that tells young women that if they have sex before marriage, they have nothing to offer their husband on their wedding night. The idea that you ARE your body, espoused in the phrase “selling yourself,” is what makes people blanch at the idea that sex work might just be another valid way to make a living."

For the rest of the article visit GlobalComment.


... now that's just plain ol' naughty.


I love these fuckers. What better treat of deliciousness to spotlight in "Shit I love" week than King's Hawaiian Rolls??? I usually get them when I pick up fried chicken (shut up) from my neighborhood grocer. (Don't sleep on Pathmark's Fried Chicken Game, son.)

I love how I found this photo and it was named "original 4-pack". And APPARENTLY it *is* the original 4-pack because now they have oven-bake dinner rolls and mini slider buns. (Whaa??) That's just too much awesome to process right now and I still have 2 and a half hours of work left so I'm not going to think of all the delicious ways I could use these in a meal right now lest I loose my shit and have to up and leave to buy more immediately. I'm gonna pull on back and ponder on that fabulousness later when I can shout things to Mr. Darling from the other room when I think of them. "OMG I COULD MAKE BREAKFAST SANDWICHES OUT OF THEM. DO YOU THINK I CAN USE THEM FOR FRENCH TOAST??" He loves that. Especially when he's trying to watch sportscenter. Aren't I the best naked-on-the-interwebs lady ever? Don't be too jealous.

Get some. You'll thank me later. Now if you'll excuse me I need to inhale the two I had packed in my lunch. I'm not kidding.

I love...

Wuuut??? Hawtness. Go 'head Polyvore. Getcho swagger on!
Yeah, uh sorry... got a little carried away there.

It's like playing paper dolls or Fashion Plates but with stuff I'd actually want... count on me wasting countless hours making "sets" that I can dream of owning. The damn cuff bracelet is $500??!! CHEEZUS.

oh yeah...

...I probably should have told you sooner but,
welcome to "Shit I like" week!

A whole week of me posting images videos of stuff I love. Lucky you!!

Try not to kill yourself with excitement :)


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Feelin' saucy...

...Come and get some :)

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