Introducing FairyWhoreMother!

What is it? It's awesome. Who is it for? Whores.
Nothing for us without us. Or some shit. Either way, it's awesome so if you're a sex worker, come on by and check us out.

YES, You can TEXT ME now!

I'm now on ExtraLunchMoney, (which, by the way, is starting to look like pretty much the coolest site ever!) where I'll be listing some rare and unique fetish play experiences along with some of my favorite videos and recordings. The BEST part is that you can also use their texting service to TEXT ME RIGHT FROM YOUR PHONE TO MINE. I know, right?! I'm totally serious. It's completely discreet and secure and I don't even see your personal number when we correspond. Oh, and an even cooler perk? You can try it for FREE. Who doesn't love free?? I know, it's crazy. Totally crazy and AWESOME. Why not give it a go? I can't wait to hear from you.

Suspiria Remake? Yea or Nay

 I just saw this article on FearNet about the remake of one of my favorite movies EVAH, Dario Argento's Suspiria. I'm not really sure how I feel about this... it was such a highly-stylized and visually stunning film that honestly, I fear any attempt at a remake will fail miserably. Horribly. Grotesquely. I'm not one to automatically pan a reboot of an old classic because if done correctly, it works. Ocean's 11, Scarface, and Dawn of the Dead were all re-imagined into movies that, in my opinion, didn't completely suck donkey balls. In fact, I think they're almost better than the originals. (Forgive me Father Romero.)
 I think my main contention with this "new" Suspiria is the director, David Gordon Green, since he's primarily known for comedies. The guy who directed The Pineapple Express and Your Highness (which blew) isn't exactly who comes to mind when I think of someone to tackle all the awesome that is/was the original Suspiria. I just hope to gawd he doesn't turn it into some sort of tragically unfunny "dark comedy" because I will just absolutely die. DIE, I SAY! I mean, I've seen the trailer for what the hell they did to Dark Shadows and I swear a little part of me died that day. Holy shit on a shingle is that a fucking letdown. Dark Shadows as a comedy. Wow.
But I digress...
The Suspiria remake is in production as we speak and is slated for release next year. Let's just hope for the best, shall we? Let's hope that Green doesn't totally beat the style and life right out of it. I'm crossing my fingers for a pleasant surprise but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to get my heart stomped out. Eh, whatareyagonnado, right?

GPOYW. (Me, thinking of this remake.)

Dear pet, slaves and servants...

Hello there, little ones. I'm sitting here with my pups, enjoying the nice weather and an afternoon of relaxing before my fun evening tonight. I plan on plenty of fetish fuckery and having tons of rocking orgasms with a special someone... bet you wish it were you! Ha! I know how much my silly little slaves and pet pay piggies drool over the thought of my pleasure, how you yearn to get the privilege to serve me and to spoil me. Maybe even get the chance to be within inches of me in a rare in-person session. Well today, to satisfy your need to please me, why don't you be a dear and send me your hard-earned money in the form of e-gift certificates. My favorites are Victoria's Secret, Amazon and eBay. After all, seriously, I need it more than you pitiful little worms do. I mean, you can only hang but so many Call of Duty posters on your wall in your mom's basement. It takes lots of spoiling to look this fabulous all the time. And let's be real, even in sweats and no make up at all, I'd still be hotter than any girl who'll ever bother to give you the time of day.

The fact that I pay any attention to you at all certainly deserves everything you can give me. Honestly, I want it all. I want every penny you make. I want you to have to beg, borrow and steal to satiate me. Perhaps you should call me and we can talk about what you can do for me. Make sure you take lots of notes, too... I expect you to give me exactly what I want, when I want it and precisely how I want it, down to the very last detail. The consequence for failure? I'll forget you even exist. I mean truly, that's not terribly hard since you're already quite forgettable to begin with but I'll cut you off completely, no second chances. With the amount of reliable pets to spoil me, why waste my already limited available time bothering with incompetent and cheap losers? You'd much rather be in my good graces, so open up that wallet and say "AHhhhh...".

Momentum Convention Update

So some of you who chat with me regularly know that I was planning on attending the Momentum Conference at the end of this month but then issues arose that caused me to cancel those plans and look into selling my ticket. Naturally, I was super disappointed because when I attended last year, the people I met and the things I learned there (about this business and MYSELF) changed me so much in the best ways possible. In addition to making great friends and learning a ton, I also was able offer massages for donations to HIPS. This alone led me to connecting with some of the most awesome people I'd met all weekend! So yeah, super disappointed. Crushed may be a better word, haha.
As sad as I was that I would be missing out on a fabulous convention and seeing fabulous friends who have become family, I totally accepted that the personal circumstances my family has been facing recently needed all my resources. I also knew that things would work themselves out and I was determined that next year I'd be able to make Mcon happen!
I sold my ticket at 8pm last night.
At 9pm, I got a message from the Diva herself, Dee, asking me if I were supplied with a ticket and a place to stay, would I drive down and attend. Less than a minute later, Tess offered to let me stay in her room.
At 9:01pm I bawled like a baby. (lol, I wish I were kidding.)
I cannot tell you how this made me feel. For someone who is never ever EVAH short of words, I was totally speechless. I love these women. They've made me feel like family since I first met them years ago and I feel totally unworthy and thankful and loved. I promise I will pay it forward and continue to try and extend myself to others when they need it and I will NOT let this opportunity go to waste!
GUYS, I'M GOING TO MOMENTUM! Massages for everyone!!


New Phone Lines for your Perving Pleasure

Well, it was time to expand on one of my favorite things: Phone sex. I've had a nice little bunch of lines on Niteflirt for quite a while and have been LOVING it so it was only natural that I'd add a few more for good measure. And being good little Darling fiends, I just KNEW I had to tell you guys first! I'll be keeping these lines on waaaaaay more than I have in the past since I'm so excited to get to play with them (and YOU). So without further adieu.

Miss Darling Hates You

"I really do hate you.
The only pleasure I get from you calling me is the fact that I can verbally destroy you and your tiny cock as I see fit by telling you just what I think of you. Your pathetic little life is worth nothing to me and honestly, I couldn't give less of a fuck about your or your feelings. As a matter of fact, you should be thanking me for the abuse since I'm probably the only one giving you any attention at all. Pathetic."

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Miss Darling Hates You

Findom Ruiness - Financial Domination and Slavery

"There is nothing that arouses me more than the knowledge of how deeply obsessed you are with me that you can't help but hand over every dime you have. It's no secret that I have a lifestyle I'm accustomed to living and you're going to fund it. Spa visits, personal trainer, designer beauty products and of course, my shopping addiction! All of these things that I love cost quite a bit of hard earned cash - YOURS. So get ready to hand your entire savings over to me while we talk about how I'm going to spend it and how much I control your every waking thought, my little pay piggy!"

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Financial Domination Ruiness

Miss Darling LOVES Women

"I love women with their soft curves and sweet smell. I can't get enough of licking, sucking and playing with pussy... feeling the wetness on my lips and all over my face. There's nothing like a beautiful woman ready to be taken advantage of by ME. Call me, I want to play!"
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Miss Darling LOVES Women

You Love When I Blow Smoke in Your Face

 "I just love teasing you with these long cigarettes, letting the smoke flutter out of my mouth and right into your face. Chain-smoking and getting my fix, I want you to experience every puff, my little cigarette fiend!" 
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Smoking Fetish

Miss Darling is The ONLY Mistress You Will Serve

"I want you to know your place as the filthy dog we both know you are. I'll use you and abuse you as I see fit, making you submit to my every little whim. I'm sure you think you're worthy enough to kneel before me, but I'm going to make you prove it over and over again. I'm not one of your run-of-the-mill wannabe Dommes, I'm a real-life Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix. Want to see how much you can take? Try your luck and call, pet."

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*MISS DARLING* In-PERSON Sessions, March 10th!

If you're on my mailing list, you probably got a snazzy flyer in your inbox today! If not, why aren't you signed up?? It's in the sidebar so make sure you rectify that immediately. ;)
Anyway, if you didn't get a flyer, here's the important info on the awesomeness taking place next week!

March 2, 2012
Hey, Sugar! I just HAD to tell you...
I’ll be hosting In-Person sessions NEXT WEEK

That’s right my pets, pervs, slaves and subs... I’ll be in my favorite
hotel hosting fetish sessions again so mark your calendars, clear your
schedule and get ready for some naughty fun! Saturday, March 10th
is the day and if you want to get some time alone with your Darling,
you’re going to have to be quick, you know how fast my schedule fills
up! Message me and let’s begin plotting your demise... haha!

*As always, be sure you visit the Meet Miss Darling
tab at to get yourself
familiar (or re-acquainted) with my specialties, rates,
rules and requirements! You know how well it goes
over when you message me questions about things
that my website answers for you. Right, sub boys?


If you're in the South Jersey/Philly area and want to start the process of scheduling, message me ASAP! Hope to see you next week!

GPOYW - New Strap-on Worship Clip!!

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