Crazy Train Part DOS. (again, this is not smut-related, FYI)

ALRIGHTYYYY. So. My last post on trying the Adderall? RAMBLES like a MOFO. So ADD, right??
I think I feel it's necessary to post a follow-up to that big ol' pile o' crazy.

YES, the first couple days starting Adderall when you've pretty much never had that kind of stimulant, you will feel like you have LOST YOUR EVER-LOVING MIND. There were moments when Mr. Darling called me CRAZY EYES. Not a good look, kids.

BUT I will say that a few days after that, the side effects were pretty much nil and now I think I kinda love these meds. Yes, I have a slightly suppressed appetite for about 3 hours after I take my half dose (I take half of the 10mg dose in the morning and half around lunchtime which seems to work well for me). But not to the point where I straight-up miss meals. I just tend to eat less and no longer snack like it's my job, so that's a big ol' plus in my book. Since I've started taking Adderall I've lost 11lbs with no change in activity level and no real concerted effort to change my diet. Ya'll know I love my curves but a little less fluff here and there is a-ok! I haven't had the need to increase my dosage and I haven't ever had a moment where I felt I needed more. In fact, I don't always take all my doses on the weekends. That's just a personal preference and usually due to the fact that if I'm just puttering around the abode doing, well NADA, then I don't see the need to take it in the afternoons. I've never gone a day without taking it at all, though.

In short: I no longer have mood swings, I can eat regular meals now, I don't crash like crazy at the end of the day anymore since I split up my doses and I ACTUALLY HAVE FOCUS. I can get shit done. That was the whole point for getting medicated, kids. It works for me, and I'm in a good place. HALLELUJAH. :)

So it was my birthday last week.

That is one unhappy pussy.

June 8th was the day and really it was seriously fun. Thanks to everyone that sent well-wishes along, you guys rawk! I'm 31 now and I don't think I look a day over 40! heh. Another year, another chance to show off my ass and get paid for it. Life's pretty glorious. Love you guys!!! *muah*