New Clips on Clips4Sale and New Clipvia Storefront!

I've opened a storefront on Clipvia! You should totally buy my clips from there since I get a higher share of the proceeds and you love me that much, don't you? If you're used to buying from my Clips4Sale  store and don't want to change, (and that's fine too) I'll of course still be updating there!
Come see some of the new fetish fantabulousness!

A Holiday Hello!

Just posted a new vlog to my youtube channel! Happy Holidays!

New Humilation Phone Listing!

Oh I know you're going to love this one that I just listed on Niteflirt:

"Miss Darling Hates You"

I really do hate you.

The only pleasure I get from you calling me is the fact that I can verbally destroy you and your tiny cock as I see fit by telling you just what I think of you. Your pathetic little life is worth nothing to me and honestly, I couldn't give less of a fuck about your or your feelings. As a matter of fact, you should be thanking me for the abuse since I'm probably the only one giving you any attention at all. Pathetic.

Call Button

I can't wait to play with you losers on my new Humiliation line!

Why yes, I do like presents.

I'm typically more of a scrooge during christmas but I can't help but smile when I see packages (from my good little whores) showing up at my doorstep. New suede boots, pretty panties and a dress I've been pining for have all come this week. Since you've been such good sluts, I'm going to work on a special holiday video clip just for you!

Stay tuned, my pets!

GPOYW - From the way-back machine!

Here's a snippet from a video I did a while back, "Worship My Ass". Man oh man, I still looooove that clip!!

New Green Bubble Gum Clip available NOW!

I twirl my giant wad of bright green gum around my fingers, blow bubbles bigger than my face and chew it like a teenybopper in my newest Mouth Fetish video. My Feet even make an appearance! What?! Uh huh Wanna see? Of course you do!

New Clips on Clips4Sale!

I've got a few new Mouth Fetish clips in my Clips4Sale store that you should absolutely check out if you love hot girls and hot mouth chewing action! Oh and titties... can't forget the titties. ;)
Be on the lookout for my bubblegum popping clip coming soon!