New Clips on Clips4Sale and New Clipvia Storefront!

I've opened a storefront on Clipvia! You should totally buy my clips from there since I get a higher share of the proceeds and you love me that much, don't you? If you're used to buying from my Clips4Sale  store and don't want to change, (and that's fine too) I'll of course still be updating there!
Come see some of the new fetish fantabulousness!

A Holiday Hello!

Just posted a new vlog to my youtube channel! Happy Holidays!

New Humilation Phone Listing!

Oh I know you're going to love this one that I just listed on Niteflirt:

"Miss Darling Hates You"

I really do hate you.

The only pleasure I get from you calling me is the fact that I can verbally destroy you and your tiny cock as I see fit by telling you just what I think of you. Your pathetic little life is worth nothing to me and honestly, I couldn't give less of a fuck about your or your feelings. As a matter of fact, you should be thanking me for the abuse since I'm probably the only one giving you any attention at all. Pathetic.

Call Button

I can't wait to play with you losers on my new Humiliation line!

Why yes, I do like presents.

I'm typically more of a scrooge during christmas but I can't help but smile when I see packages (from my good little whores) showing up at my doorstep. New suede boots, pretty panties and a dress I've been pining for have all come this week. Since you've been such good sluts, I'm going to work on a special holiday video clip just for you!

Stay tuned, my pets!

GPOYW - From the way-back machine!

Here's a snippet from a video I did a while back, "Worship My Ass". Man oh man, I still looooove that clip!!

New Green Bubble Gum Clip available NOW!

I twirl my giant wad of bright green gum around my fingers, blow bubbles bigger than my face and chew it like a teenybopper in my newest Mouth Fetish video. My Feet even make an appearance! What?! Uh huh Wanna see? Of course you do!

New Clips on Clips4Sale!

I've got a few new Mouth Fetish clips in my Clips4Sale store that you should absolutely check out if you love hot girls and hot mouth chewing action! Oh and titties... can't forget the titties. ;)
Be on the lookout for my bubblegum popping clip coming soon!

Old Friend, New Connections

SOooo to much of my surprise I've reconnected AGAIN with one of my favorite people from my childhood. The first time was a couple years ago after nearly 10 years from the last time we saw each other.   I think this deserves a vlog because, honestly, there's no way I could express all this awesomeness in written words! This is gonna be so so good. I'll give you a little preview: she's more like me than you think! Ha! ;)

Fetish Debauchery October 8th and 9th!

 It's been a little while since my last Fetish Extravaganza and I'm getting antsy for another! Soooo... I'll be hosting fetish sessions here in the South Jersey area Oct. 8th and 9th!
If you're interested in making an appointment, feel free to shoot me an email or visit my contact form on the front page of to send me a message to get the ball rolling. Don't forget to include your name (you wouldn't believe how many people forget that part, lol!), which day you're interested in coming (hint: Saturday evening is still available!) and what fetish(es) you'd like to explore (don't forget to visit my site for details first!). I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible so we can get everything planned well in advance. Just like last time, once the schedule is booked, I'll still have a stand-by list available if there end up being any last-minute cancellations!

I canNOT wait to see old friends and of course new friends, too!

Editing videos... sneak peek! Annnd GPOYW :)

A still from a smoking video.... Complete with dildos, smoking accoutrement and a very topless Darling. You're just going to have to wait for the video to see under that blurred arm! ha! ;)

As usual, it gets bigger when clicked. Oooh, that sounds dirty!

Glorayyyy Halleluuuuuu!

Sheesh, What a crazy couple of weeks! Router issues (which have now been fixed, yay!!!!), new foster puppy (that may actually be adopted by us, it seems!) and flea market sales over the weekend with my momma amongst other things.

It's been so crazy around here that yesterday was Tittay Tuesday and I don't even have anything to show for it!! Well, actually, mayyyyybe I do....  ;)
I'm working on editing a really super saucy video that's got some serious titty shots in it. I hope to have it uploaded tonight so we may not have made the Tittayyy Tuesday deadline but that's ok! In the meantime, how's a lil cleavage shot? Will that do for the time being? *giggle*

Yup, that'll do.  ;)

NEW CLIP! Mouth Fetish Awesomeness.

I've got a fancy lil mouth fetish clip on over at Kinkbomb that I just uploaded. I was playing around with my Flare lens app (which I am in looove with) on my iPhone and felt like my lips were just doing the MOST... I just had to film them. And film them I did!

Click it, it moves! Mmmmm...

You should totally go check it out if you've got a thing for pretty mouths, or pretty girls, or pretty film effects. It's super affordable (around 4 bucks) just like most of my other clips. Annnnnd, if you use the promo code DarlingGirlKink, you'll get %25 off your order of $25.00 or more. How awesome is that?
I'll be adding some MUCH filthier content (if that's your thang) in the coming weeks so stay tuned for the updates!

I hope you're enjoying your Friday and have a happy Labor Day Weekend!

Love and Fetish Vids,
Your Darling  :)


And Just like that, my day goes from drab to fab. Most of my day was pretty uneventful; picking up cotton stuffing from the toy that Molly decided to eviscerate, cleaning the kitchen, planning dinner, returning emails, failing at hanging curtains (dang you wall studs!!), blah, blah, blah, so on and so forth. AND THENNN... I get a message from one of my favorite panty pervs in need of a lil pick-me-up (by pick-me-up, naturally I mean my pretty lil panties to play with!) and wanting to see me today. Of course, being the gracious and accommodating Panty Girl that I am, I was more than happy to fill his last minute order. ;) Lucky for him, I was wearing my pretty yellow satin bikinis today (too late for a pic since they're gone now, sorry!) so he definitely got a loooovely pair. We met at our usual place and I gently slid them off from under my dress and handed them over. I just love the look on his face when I place them in his hand! haha, fantastic!

I hope you guys had as fun of a wednesday as I did! Oh and it's been a while since I did a GPOYW so how 'bout a lil' narcissism?

Love and Pretty Panties, Your Darling!

About those fetish sessions earlier this month... (updated with moar pics!)


Man oh man, ya'll surely know how to show a girl a good time! Not that I didn't have fun when I did sessions in March but... MY GAWD. My schedule was filled with awesome from the moment (and I mean THEE MOMENT) I checked in until the time I checked out the following morning. What a kinky and fabulous 24 hours. I had sooo much fun that I'm planning another day of fetish foolery for September! SO if you're in the New Jersey tri-state area and would like to come visit with me, do feel free to contact me through the various methods available. Email is always best, of course.

In between (and during, *giggle*) all the fun, I had some time to get my picture taken. Oh and we all know how much I adore being in front of the camera! Here's a couple shots. I'm still picking and choosing my favorites, so there will most certainly be more to come!

Click them, they get muuuuch bigger! I'm so much better up-close and personal, so I've been told. ;)

Oh so sweet and innocent! Funny, I had that same look when I was jamming my high heel into the photographer's balls.

Darling, you're such a filthy tease. 

Cheeky! (lol, so lame... sorry.)

Whatcha think? I'm pretty happy with them! Wait til you see the reeeally fun ones. ;)
Ok, well back to work for me! Edit, edit, edit!!

Until next time, my loves. *muah*!

Fetish Sessions With Miss Darling and Special Guest Caramel Dreams

SOooo, I alluded in my last post that I was thinking of hosting live sessions this month and well... I AM. Tuesday, August 9th and Wednesday, August 10th I will be in the Cherry Hill area and available for fetish sessions by appointment. *
 Miz Caramel Dreams will also be available for sessions or double-trouble sessions with me if you'd like to reeeeally explore your boundaries. The schedule is filling up already so if you're interested in meeting one or BOTH of us for some fun, feel free to contact me or Caramel Dreams to begin the booking process.

*As always, this is not an attempt at solicitation. We are not escorts and all sessions are CFNM. Any and all money exchanged is for our time and companionship ONLY. We will not perform ANY sexual services so please do not ask. Yes, you will need to be screened and yes, there are no exceptions.

Hey Hey! It's August!

Hey babes... How are ya? Things are just peachy over here at Casa de Darling. Still having a blast on my little corner of Streamate and my fabulously kinky Niteflirt lines as usual. You should totally come by and say hi if you haven't done so already. It's always good naked fun. Who doesn't just adore good naked fun? Well, maybe the nuns at my 2nd grade communion but that's another story all together.

Oh Oh! I nearly forgot! I do believe that Ms. Caramel Dreams and I will be shooting and doing sessions together again soon down here in my neck of the woods, South Jersey. If you're not familiar with her, you can check out my blog post about our last meeting. My gawd was that fun! Fantastic fetish-y goodness. If you're anywhere in the tri-state area, you do NOT want to miss this. I think between the two of us, we cover just about ALL the fetish bases. Mhmm, yep. We're a one-stop fetish shop, my loves! Haha sorry, I got a little carried away. AS USUAL, right? *giggle*

anyway, let me leave ya with a gpoyw (gratuitious photo of yourself wednedsay) since it *is* Wednedsay and all. Here's my new advertisement graphic. Hope you like it!

Sessions with the Fetish Bombshells this weekend!!

Sessions with the Fetish Bombshells

Here's the link to one of the most amazingly debaucherous weekends EVER. I'll be doing double sessions and filming with the lovely and oh so talented Caramel Vixen from Friday March 18th to Sunday the 20th. Check out the link above to the full article on her site for all of the details. We'll both be available for solo sessions as well, of course! Book asap, slots fill up quickly!
Hope to see you soon!

Updates from the trenches.

So March 4th has come and gone. My last day at the day job went off without a hitch and I spent it pranking my good friend's desk and office. Ahhh, good times!
This past few days I've entertained some new clients, thought long and hard about the direction I want to take each of my businesses in and took some much-needed days off. I've started baking again and dammit, I'm enjoying myself. I feel refreshed and am getting pretty jazzed up for some fun things coming up.
Speaking of which, are you going to Momentum Con in DC next month? I am and I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself! If you're attending as well, give me a shout! I'd love to catch up with you while we're there.
Anyway, this is going to be one helluva couple of months. Travel, debauchery and all kinds of naked fun. Hold on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!


There is a light at the end of the tunnel, folks. March 4th, I will no longer be the "cubicle-working productive member of society" by day. NO MORE, I say! I've finally given my notice of resignation to the day job that I've worked so hard at for 10 years and will be working exclusively on the businesses I've started. Who would have though that the 21 year old girl that walked through those doors would find her strengths, weaknesses, bestest friends and absolute love of her life in those walls. I'll always be thankful for the opportunities I had been given there and for the things I had been allowed to learn and experience.

I'm a little sad, a lot excited and terribly proud of the leap of faith I'm taking. It's not going to be easy but it's going to be rewarding and exactly what I need and have always wanted. Thank you to everyone who has helped push and pull me and egg me on into becoming the woman I was meant to be.
It's onward and upward from here, kids!

Here's to the future!

GPOYW - Hey, Hey, HEYYY. I'm on Glitter Gloss Garbage!!

I absolutely adore Aprill from Glitter Gloss Garbage. She's funny, sassy and she really knows her stuff when it comes to makeup. So when she asked me to maybe write a lil' somethin' about the fancy face I was planning on putting on the other day, YOU KNOW I WAS ALL OVER THAT. Honored? Oh yes, yes, y'all.
So go on over to GGG and see me talk about my drugstore makeup addiction and what I use to get myself camera ready.

Happy New Year!

What a busy winter this is starting out to be! Between the holidays and the day job and whoring and laying the groundwork for 2011, I've barely had time to breathe. I'm so thankful for all the new people I've met and for the opportunities that continue to come my way, regardless of how busy I get! 2010 has been full of revelations and surprises and has never been dull, I will certainly say that!

It's looking like 2011 is going to be just as full. My dance card is filling up quickly and I'm absolutely ecstatic about some of the awesome things that are coming up. January 6th, I'll be sharing some of my experiences at the monthly Red Umbrella Diaries event in NYC. You can read more about it at Red Umbrella Project. The night's theme is "Dirty Tricks" and well, I've certainly got some experience with those.

Loooook! It's me!! Haha I'm not supposed to talk about how nervous I am, right? Come if you're in the area! I'll buy ya a drink.
Aaaand, February 4th, I'll be lap dancing for charity at a fundraiser hosted by Tied Up Events benefiting the SWA. Let me shake my money maker for you for a good cause! Check it out at Tied Up Events.

Exciting, huh?? I cannot wait to see what else 2011 has in store. My resolution for this year is to continue to put myself out there and take more chances. I also am going to ramp up my efforts to ditch the day job and morph my dreams of being a fancy independent businesslady into reality sooner rather than later.

It's going to be a great year, y'all. I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year's Day and that you have a prosperous year filled with love for yourself and others. I love ya, you filthy bastards.