Crazy Train. If you only read for noodz and filthy stories, you may want to skip this one.

*Disclaimer: This is the Long Drawn-Out Version of my first day on Adderall. If you'd like the Short and Sweet Get-To-The-Point-Bitch Version, skip to the end. :)

You may have noticed that I had been talking about my need for medication, umm, A LOT. I finally made the jump to see a new doctor about treatment for my self-diagnosed ADD. Dr. M had come highly recommended so I was pleasantly surprised that he not only was really easy to talk to and nice, but that along with being a general practitioner, he specializes in Sleep Disorders and Cardiovascular Medicine. Those were my two major concerns about going on any sort of regular, daily, stimulant-type medication: is it going to fuck up my sleep and/or make my heart explode. Ok, the second concern was my closet hypochondriac peeking out but whatever, Dr. M was an expert and quickly assuaged my anxiety and prescribed me 10mg of Adderall to be taken in the mornings. My appointment was on Thursday so I decided that I'd begin my adventure into medicated bliss/horror the next day. I figured it'd be a good day to test the effects since all the higher-ups in my company would be gone for a conference so no one would be expecting me to solve any life or death problems at the drop of a hat. Preferable if I was feeling all cracked-out.
Look, I know. You're thinking, It's Adderall. Stop being a little bitch, people take this shit all the time. No Big Deal, right? Well, here's the catch: my body practically goes into seizures over a cup of coffee. I rarely if EVER ingest caffeine and when I do? It's like I ate a bag of meth an chased it with a few rails of Columbia's finest. So yeah, the prospect of taking am honest-to-gawd fucking AMPHETAMINE? Kinda scary, to say the least. That said, my experience wasn't as catastrophic as I envisioned it would be.
I took my dosage at 6:45am before I got on the road for work. I'd read that it makes you seriously thirsty so I made sure I had a big ass bottle of my favorite vintage (raspberry seltzer, bitches) on hand. Everything started off ok although about 20mins later, I noticed my hands (and pretty much everything else) were really cold. I wasn't shivering or anything weird like that but I definitely noticed a chill. No biggie, I just turned on the heat a little. My body felt relaxed all over which I thought was odd (wasn't this an upper?). I got to the office about 7:45am and once I got out of the car I then realized it was pretty much in full swing. That morning I felt extra scatterbrained, unorganized, easily distracted and flustered. A coworker, also on Adderall assured me a week prior that the first few days might feel like that as my body got used to the medication. Ok, fine, I was prepared for that. I just used a bunch of my organizational systems and methods I've always used to help with my attention issues and I muddled through pretty well. My pupils were dilated and all morning I kept thinking, OMG I CAN SEE FOREVER... Like I said, I was easily distracted. At 10:30, I took my St. John's Wort (which I know now was a pretty big no-no since I think it caused/helped cause what happened later that day.) and steadily drank a million ounces of seltzer/water/whatever I could get my hands on. So. Thirsty. So very thirsty... although at first, every time I took a sip, I kinda wanted to vom. Pleasant. I managed not to puke which was awesome and the feeling soon passed. I managed to pee a gazillion times, I counted. I also should mention that in no way did I feel like eating. At all. I was aware that would happen and had to force myself to eat throughout the day. Here's what I managed to eat: a banana at 10am; ONE, yes one chicken wing around 11:30 and a cookie at 2pm. I left work at 3pm and ate a slice of pizza at 5. That's it.
I left at 3:00 because around 2:30 I started hitting the wall. Which after researching a few things, I now think may have been caused/intensified by the St. John's Wort. I felt drained, spaced out and wanted to lay down. I didn't necessarily want a nap but I wanted to put my head down on something soft and rest. I did not enjoy that feeling whatsoever so I took out another pill and cut it into quarters and ate a tiny piece. I don't think it really started to work until I was home later and chilling out so yeah, I need to re-evaluate what time I take my first dose and I guess the St. John's Wort is going out the window. I'm not sure what the half-life is on the SJW or the Adderall so I guess I can't take either one at all in any proximity to each other. Oh well. Hopefully, the Adderall can fill in where SJW left off since it's been known to help with improving moods, etc. We shall see.
ANYWAY, I think taking my first dose of Adderall will be at 10am from this point forward. I'm sure taking half in the morning and half at lunch would work as well but I suck terribly at multi-doses so once a day is best for me. Perhaps an extended-release option will be my best bet. I guess I'll be talking to Dr. M when I see him next month.
Later in the evening I was cranky as hell coming down and since I took that quarter of a dose around 3:00, naturally I had a harder time going to bed. I popped two Melatonin (which I read was ok to continue taking at night) and I was out before my 20-min TV timer went off, which was awesome.
This morning, again I was Ms. CrankyPants for no discernible reason. I usually only get that nasty once a month, if you know what I mean. The crankiness really makes me long for something to even out my mood (like SJW) especially since I hate taking it out on Mr. Darling and the pups as I'm wont to do when I'm slightly chemically imbalanced. I guess we'll see how things go as time progresses and I get used to this new regimen.

*Long story short: my initial reaction to the Adderall? I'm sure it's a good tool, I just need to give it some time. Will I take it everyday, forever? I don't know. I got a lot more done at work than I thought I would and the come-down wasn't too bad although not awesome and filled with cranky. I'm disappointed I cannot take it with St. John's Wort but I'll see how I do before I go and try to find a suitable replacement. So far, I'll be taking it everyday and report back on any important revelations.

So I ate her pussy in the car.

You may be thinking, how the fuck did that happen? How exactly did you go from First Date With Nurse Betty to Cunnilingus, Kinda/Sorta Chasing Amy-style? Let's back up and start from the beginning, shall we?

I had been chatting up Nurse Betty for a while and by "a while" I mean, we used to talk a ton a couple years back and lost touch until a week ago when I answered her very adorable NSA Craigslist ad in Women Seeking Women. (don't judge.)
Believing it was fate because of how we reconnected we decided to make this First Date thing happen. Now, I call her Nurse Betty because, well, she's a nurse (duh) and her blond bob and almond shaped eyes remind me of a curvier, sexier, lovely Renee Z. We settled on meeting at a local draught house for drinks and catching up. The evening started off well with no shortage of things to talk about, thank god. Awkward silences are a total boner-killer. Lots of laughing (wow she smelled good) peppered with me unabashedly flirting with her (god she had nice tits) and trying to figure out if she was flirting with me (wondering if she'd let me touch 'em) as well. Oh, I guess I should mention now that I suck at that part. I can never be sure if a girl is flirting with me unless she's really over the top with it. The subtle passes? Right over my head. So yeah, that's why what happened next, happened.
A few hours later, it was midnight and I knew I needed to call it a night if I were going to look or act anything at all like a human in the morning for the office. I awkwardly said something retarded about "turning into a pumpkin..." (really?) or some shit and we agreed that it was late for a Sunday. I walked her to her car and we hugged. She lingered for a bit and the whole time I'm having the -should I try and kiss her?/I want to kiss her/do I ask her if I can kiss her?/what if she doesn't want to kiss me?- battle in my head because I'm ridiculous like that. So I did the one thing I knew wouldn't get me slapped: nothing. I told her how much fun I had and that I wanted to see her again. She smiled slyly (what a pretty smile) and said she was glad we got to hang out (I wondered what she tasted like) and looked forward to seeing me again as well. She gets into her car, I walk back to mine, got in and started home.

So, wait, I thought you hooked up with her! You just said you drove away?

Yeah, this is where it gets interesting. Just know that from this point until the end of this post, I'm smiling like the Cheshire Cat. Just. so. you. know.

I'm a half mile down the road and my phone rings. It's her.

Me: Hello
Her: You suck (laughs)
Me: Wait, what? What did I do?
Her: Nothing, and that's why you suck! I wanted you to kiss me.
Me: Oh shit. I totally had no idea, I knew you had a good time but I didn't know if it was a "just friends" kind of fun or...
Her: I didn't know how to hint at it, I'm a mess when it comes to this stuff!
Me: Turn around and meet me at the corner of [redacted] and [redacted].
Her: (laughs) ok.

I park, she pulls up behind me. The street is deserted with all the storefronts and restaurants gone dark since it's well after closing time for this town. I get out of my car and get into her passenger seat. She starts to stammer nervously and I pull her to me. When I tell you that kiss should have been in the movies... my god. She was so soft and smelled so so good. Deep, lingering perfect kisses. Slow and deliberate wandering hands. I realized in a hurry she was no amateur and certainly NOT shy. After I had both her breasts cupped in my hands I had to have them in my mouth. Pink perfect nipples, oh my. She had mine out of my bra faster than you could blink and god, it felt so good when she sucked on them, licking in circles.
We started kissing more hungrily now, especially since my hand had move to in between her legs, feeling how hot she was through her jeans. Rubbing and then cupping and gently squeezing her, she moaned and I just knew. I knew right then I was going to get her out of those jeans.
I unbuttoned and then unzipped them, sliding my hand inside gently feeling her perfectly smooth (waxed? oh god *bites knuckles*) pussy with my fingers. By now, I'm fucking SOAKING my panties. Do you hear me? It was a god damn river in my pants, LOL. I reach over and take her hand and guide it to the seat release. She giggled and put the seat all the way back. I slid her jeans down and took them all the way off. If a cop pulled up, my god was he/she in for a treat. She bent the leg farthest away from me and from the passenger seat, I leaned over. I moved her little black(? it was pretty dark) gstring out of the way and had to stop myself from just fucking diving in face first, literally. Teasing her, lightly licking the outer lips, not even attempting to part them, she moaned like she was in agony. Heh, perfect. I could barely contain myself as I explored every bit of her pretty, pink pussy. I'll leave the rest you your imagination. :)

Needless to say, I had fun. She reciprocated like a fucking BOSS and I'm making plans for her to come over for round two this weekend. With a proper place to be alone, I think this could be the most fun girl I've ever had the pleasure of fucking.

I just got an email from her an hour ago asking when she can see me again. Filthy Photos attached. I am so fucking stoked.