After an 8 month hiatus...

... I jumped headlong back into modelling. Tonight was the perfect storm of feeling great, looking pretty damn good and a fabulous photographer with skill and an awesome eye. I remembered tonight why I love it. Why did I stop for so long? I don't really know. Self doubt? Lack of interesting projects? Whatever the reason, I'm back at it with a renewed determination to get myself out there, have some fun and make some pretty images along the way.
If you're a photographer and in the Philly/NJ area and you'd like to maybe have some fun (either vanilla or erotic) please don't hesitate to contact me! Maybe we can make beautiful photos together! :)

Model Mayhem Profile #817964

I'm not very good at...

...promoting myself and I sometimes forget to mention that I am actually available to those of you that read my blog for some naught fun as well! Funny how others need to remind me that I should let more people know how to get in on the fun. :)

Soooo by request, soon I will be posting screen shots of the videos and photo sets I have to offer for sale and I've already posted in the sidebar how to contact me for rates and appointments for cam shows.

I hope this was helpful for those of you who have been interested in getting together for some one on one fun!!

Playing Hookey

Indeed, I am playing hookey today!!! It was just not in me today to go to work so I just didn't. Just like that. It's really not like me to not go to work simply because I don't feel like it but today just seemed like the day.

So in celebration of being away from the chains of my cubicle, I decided I'd be Extra-Naughty Girl today. I've dressed in my trashiest 80's best (shredded tights and all) and I've already masturbated twice, given two cam shows and made one VERY naughty video for a very fabulous client... and I haven't even had lunch yet! I think I'm well on my way to passing out from sheer sexual bliss in about a hour... hahaha.

OH! and I've also participated in "Topless Tuesday" on Twitter... you can see my "submission" in my twitpics :)

so yeah, busy busy horny little bee!!

It all looks so innocent at the start, huh?

For all you lovely pervs... click on it, it gets bigger ;)

Oh boy, am I webcam ready or WHAT. I especially love how I was trying to be all discreet about the bright pink dildo at my fingertips... like ya'll don't know what I'm about to do with it... hahahaha!

Catching up. Also? Gay Boyfriend/Bi Girlfriend Wanted!

I really gotta stop taking forever in between posts...

Twitter has taken over and I've been using it like mad to shoot off random thoughts about everything, as has everyone else I'm sure. So, naturally real blogging has taken a back seat to "micro-blogging".

Sooo what's new, pussycats? (Whooooa whoa whoa!, sorry) I've been making some really naughty videos, that's what's been up with me! I'm also starting to do a few cam shows here and there for a few special boys and girls. (you know who you are *grin*)

MORE IMPORTANTLY I'm also currently looking for a fabulous gay boyfriend and a sugar-sweet bi girlfriend. What does one do, hold auditions?

ok, ok here's what I'd loooove in a gay boyfriend:

*Smarts. I loves me a man who can debate me on important matters like which celebutards are in the closet or which earrings go with tangerine nail polish. (Ding! The answer is none, tangerine nail polish is hideous. Trick question!)
*Fashion sense. Cause sometime, a girl needs help. (Maybe tangerine is in? These are things I need to know, people!)
*Confidence. But not cockiness, that's just ugly. And God don't like ugly. (Wait, from what I hear, God don't like web whores either, so I guess all bets are off!)
*Sunny Disposition. True, we all have bad days but for the most part I'm a pretty happy gal... let's go shopping or out for the necessary four food groups: Drinking, Dancing, People Watching and Gossipping!
*Drama-Free. self-explanatory, no?

Damn, I think I want all those things in a bi girlfriend, too! Although, if you are interested in that position, I will want to make out with you. Alot. Not required for the gay boyfriend position! I have a bi boyfriend for that. *wink*