That's totally me since today feels like one giant face-plant.

The Monday after a holiday weekend. Is there anything more dreadful? I'd love to be in bed, wrapped up in blankets. *sigh*
There were tons of dramarific post-worthy revelations unraveling this past week but I'll refrain from giving them any more steam. I'll just say this: Claiming someone else's likeness and passing it off as your own to the masses is fucked up. A lie of that magnitude negates any truths or goodwill you may be trying to dole out. Period.
OK, now that's that. I hope you all had a fun week and that you have a fun and memorable night planned for the new year! I'm hoping to spend it on my couch but Mr. Darling may throw a monkey wrench in those plans. :)

On Christmas Eve...

This, apparently is what you get when you google images for "Christmas Whore". Pretty rad.

I have no clue whose image this is but it's awesome and I'm making one as soon as I get home.

December 17th. A Day of Remembrance.

Image courtesy of:

December 17th is observed as the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

There are so many heartfelt, solemn and inspiring posts being written around the net today and I'd like to share a few of them with you.
Today, I will try my best to not be overtaken with sadness and instead will try and be hopeful that change is coming. It must.

Audacia Ray - December 17: Int Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Amanda Brooks - Words and Remembrance

Debauched Diva - December 17th

Sabrina in Stockings - Under My Red Umbrella

Kimberlee Cline - To Sex Workers Everywhere, December 17

Cameryn Moore - Respect and Rights for Sex Workers Everywhere

I will keep adding to this list as I come across them. If you'd like your blog post or article added, please let me know.

Getting on with it.

SOooo. Yeah. I've always sucked balls at advertising myself when it pertains to sex work. I get cozy and comfortable with my regular clients and forget that I need to keep changing and growing my business. I guess my problem is that I forget to look at it like a business? I need to get it together. My goal for 2010 is to step up my game and make the big things happen. Mama needs to work from home and that ain't gonna happen sitting on my tuckus.

By the way, if you read this blog, I love you. I really do. Even if you don't comment (although when you do comment, it totes gives me a ladyboner.) I love you very much. It warms my cold black heart that anyone would take a shine to me and care at all for what the hell I'm rambling on about. So yeah, thank you for making this a pretty awesome year for me and my little blog!

What's currently stuck in my head.

I just cannot get over this song. It's the perfect winter lullaby.
Oh Kate, come sing me to sleep.

A new chapter.

Exciting news: I'm working on exploring an area of sex work I've never dabble in before.

It's a scary, funny, delightfully big step for me. I've been curious for quite a while and I have the blessings of Mr. Darling (I always have his blessing with anything I'd like to try, I'm a very lucky gal) to go ahead and dip my toe in. I've read up on it all, I've researched for MONTHS and I've decided it's something worth pursuing. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm hoping I'll be as good as it as I think I'll be.

That being said, I won't be advertising any of these new services here or twitter or anywhere associated with Savannah Darling, for discretionary reasons. Although, I will be using this blog to share my stories and experiences as I navigate my way through new uncharted territory!

So I guess this qualifies as a bonafide "New Amateur Girl Adventure", huh? :)

An article seriously worth reading.

This put into words many of the feelings I have about Sex Work.

"The opposition to sex work stems from the same kind of purity myth that tells young women that if they have sex before marriage, they have nothing to offer their husband on their wedding night. The idea that you ARE your body, espoused in the phrase “selling yourself,” is what makes people blanch at the idea that sex work might just be another valid way to make a living."

For the rest of the article visit GlobalComment.


... now that's just plain ol' naughty.


I love these fuckers. What better treat of deliciousness to spotlight in "Shit I love" week than King's Hawaiian Rolls??? I usually get them when I pick up fried chicken (shut up) from my neighborhood grocer. (Don't sleep on Pathmark's Fried Chicken Game, son.)

I love how I found this photo and it was named "original 4-pack". And APPARENTLY it *is* the original 4-pack because now they have oven-bake dinner rolls and mini slider buns. (Whaa??) That's just too much awesome to process right now and I still have 2 and a half hours of work left so I'm not going to think of all the delicious ways I could use these in a meal right now lest I loose my shit and have to up and leave to buy more immediately. I'm gonna pull on back and ponder on that fabulousness later when I can shout things to Mr. Darling from the other room when I think of them. "OMG I COULD MAKE BREAKFAST SANDWICHES OUT OF THEM. DO YOU THINK I CAN USE THEM FOR FRENCH TOAST??" He loves that. Especially when he's trying to watch sportscenter. Aren't I the best naked-on-the-interwebs lady ever? Don't be too jealous.

Get some. You'll thank me later. Now if you'll excuse me I need to inhale the two I had packed in my lunch. I'm not kidding.

I love...

Wuuut??? Hawtness. Go 'head Polyvore. Getcho swagger on!
Yeah, uh sorry... got a little carried away there.

It's like playing paper dolls or Fashion Plates but with stuff I'd actually want... count on me wasting countless hours making "sets" that I can dream of owning. The damn cuff bracelet is $500??!! CHEEZUS.

oh yeah...

...I probably should have told you sooner but,
welcome to "Shit I like" week!

A whole week of me posting images videos of stuff I love. Lucky you!!

Try not to kill yourself with excitement :)


Via The Boobs



Feelin' saucy...

...Come and get some :)

Via Miss Van


Hope you all have a great holiday! Eat tons, relax a bunch, have plenty to drink and be thankful for all that you have!

Bring on the Bjork!

Now, some of you know that Bjork's Vespertine is one of my favorite albums of all time. Once it starts to get cold and the leaves start turning, I get the urge to put that mutha on repeat!!
To celebrate the brisk weather, here's "Unison" off my favorite cold-weather album from my favorite nuttty Icelander. Enjoy.

Bring on the bible-beaters!

"Yeah, Christ rocked. It's the christians that are typically a little fucked up."

Yeah that was me, in response to @xjaeva when she told me that Jesus loved whores. This was after I asked her if they still burn whores at church. (it's been a while since I've visited.)
Sometimes I think that I *really* need to step away from the Twitter. Then I remember that I have so many more obscene things to say.

You betcho sweet tuckus it is.

From Souliberation Via Such A Female.


YEeeeaaahhhh, sorry bout that last lil rant. I do feel better though, if that counts??


love ya'll.


Warning: This post contains insecurities and shit-talking myself.

Disclaimer: This is not how I always feel. This is just a temporary lapse in awesomeness, ok? But it's my blog and I'll do whadawant. :)
*oh, and I'm not fishing for compliments with this post either.

So last night I was thinking a lot about how much I hate working out.

Like really hate it. Like hate it so much that while walking the dogs last night, I was just getting more and more angry at the fact that even after I walked them I was going to have to do an hour of yoga and still not really have made a dent in this "fitness" that I'm supposed to be working on. (thanks, Fergie *side-eye*) I started to feel seriously resentful that I needed to lose weight, NEEDED to get tighter to look better in photos, to get more clients in this "sex business" I work in. Those shitty thoughts that my curves were not really good enough and that I'd never really be as successful as the skinny girls, the girls with perky tits and tiny waists, started creeping in.

I get home and I'm shooting Mr. Darling daggers, because of course it's his fault. How dare he love me the way that I am and let me get like this?? It's his fault that I feel gross and defeated. His fault that he encourages me to love my curves and to love my body like I do. He of course, laughs at me, tells me I need a hug and gives me one. A big, squeeze-the-stuffing-outta-you hug. Of course I feel better and kinda snap outta my funk.

Ok, So yeah, I admit it. I love my body. So why do I get so frustrated with industry standards? Why do I occasional let mainstream ideals and pressures get to me, manipulating my attitiude and outlook? 99% of the time I'm happy as a clam and completely immune to this garbage but the remaining 1%? This post is the remaining 1% consisting of pointless, crappy weakness. *sigh* LOL


what the hell???

I really

like it.

I think the part that bothers me most is that old boy (satan??) is merely grimacing while the horns of that rocket bull are buried deep into his now-concave asscheeks. Not a scream of horror or even indignation, just an annoyed "meh" look to him. And his lone discarded shoe??? I can't with you people today. Who comes up with this shit?? Get his number because he needs to be my future ex-husband like, pronto.

Just a side note...

I just spent the better part of my afternoon reading Not in the Face, the blog of Caligula Sanchez in between office fuckery. Do you know what it's like to have to hold your breath or pretend you're coughing to cover up the sqealing, hyena-like cackling you know you want to let out while your boss is in the next cube?? TORTUROUS, but totally worth it.

I truly feel that he is my long lost soul mate, (albeit more fabulous and fashionable - I need that switchblade disguised as a lipstick!) because:

A.) he's multi-cultural like moi (and nobody knows the horrors of that childhood like another of your kind.)

B.) I also have PTUCS or Post Traumatic Ugly Child Syndrome (see item A.)

C.) SEX WORK. 'nuff said.

D.) His blog is named NOT IN THE FACE. Hello?? How many times have I had to proclaim such guidelines? Don't answer that. I'll only say its between 1 and 224455978231 times.

So yeah, go on and get familiar and cozy with Caligula, Destroyer of Worlds.
You might get fired but you'll laugh your ass off. Even trade, right?

And a few more...

Soooo whatdya think??? I had a ton of fon and I hope it shows! :)


So, I got the images from the NYC shoot at the Carlton Arms with the fabulous @mErocrush !!
wanna see a preview??

yeah, I pretty much love this one. :)

Check out Melvin's website for even more of his awesomeness!


My work computer network is getting destroyed by viruses and malware. God damn it.


Don't be Tardy for this clip.

Ok, Ok, yeah that was bad but whatever dewds... you have to see this clip, omg.
Now Funny or Die isn't always kill-yourself funny but this video had me fucking DYING.
The Lady Gaga bit made me nearly piss myself.

Dear Sex Work,

I know I've been neglecting you lately and I'm terribly sorry. I hope to get my shit together soon and we will be as one again making filthily beautiful music together.



"...technically I should be working AT ALL TIMES because I’m not making Arab money yet."

-read in this blog post from the always-hilarious Molly McAleer.
I relate girl, I soooo relate.

Updated my MySpace.

It's slightly less cheesy than it was before.

If you're on there, give me a shout!!

I want to say thanks...

...To everyone who comments, emails me or @replies to me on twitter about my blog.
I cannot even express how much I appreciate it that any of you actually read any of the retarded things I say. So yeah, thanks you guys. You rawk. :)

Two new clips!

Woo hoo! I just uploaded two new clips to my Clips4Sale store!
A new video showcasing my umm "assets" and one lipstick fetish video!

Check 'em out!!

I can't wait to make a video to this song.

The Dream - "Rockin' That Thang"

Oh my.

"I'm going to eat. that. pussy."

Whispered forcefully in my ear last night right before my cunt and ass were violated in a 5-hour marathon fuck. I'm a happy girl and gloriously sore today.

Ravished and Worshipped

Serving dinner in nothing but an apron and heels seemed like a fabulous idea.

I was right.

Making someone sit across the table from you, not letting them touch you, as the apron tied around your neck barely contains your breasts: quite the foreplay mind fuck.
"Would you like more wine?"
I get up to fetch the bottle. As I walk away, the satin bow where the apron ties again around my waist is sweeping back and forth over my bare bottom, my 4" heels click-clicking on the hardwood floor. I imagine how I must look from behind and I smile a little to myself, trying to keep my cool. Trying to not climb atop him in that chair and satisfy the throbbing that begun the minute I slipped on my favorite heels in preparation for this evening. He's smiling, loving every minute of this pleasant surprise, this extended foreplay.

After finishing the meal, I had designs of teasing him further on the couch but apparently he had a few ideas of his own. Getting up from the table, I go to clear the plates and he stops me. Pushing me up against the wall, pressing his weight against me, he starts kissing me slowly but deeply. His hands running down my curves and up to my breasts. Lightly squeezing my nipples through the thin fabric of my apron, he gets the response he was looking for when I start to squirm.
Now we're getting somewhere.

Leading me to the bedroom, he stands me before the bed. Kissing my throat and shoulders lightly, he slowly unties the apron from around the back of my neck and then at my waist. As it falls to the floor, I'm left in only my stilettos. Perfect. He has me lie down and begins kissing and caressing my entire body. He knows my most intense orgasms occur after my entire body's been attended to. I'm not complaining. Down my neck, around my nipples, over my stomach and onto my hips, he moves his lips, tongue and fingers. Rubbing down both arms and each leg, kissing and gently biting all the way. He bends my knees up and I part my thighs. I know already that I'm soaked. First teasing me by licking the outer lips (until I though I'd scream), he parts them with his tongue and gently runs it up and down my inner lips. I'm starting to tremble a little and my breathing is speeding up slightly. The build-up and rub-down have me already on the edge and I'm sure to cum soon. He purposely avoids my clit, knowing that it drives me insane. Pushing his tongue inside me ever so slowly, I'm starting to squirm. He starts fucking me with it. I'm so so close and his hands on my hips are keeping me steady, he knows I'm going to cum. Just as I start falling over the edge of orgasm he immediately moves to my little swollen clit and starts sucking.
Oh. My. God.
It's mostly a white-hot blur but I remember arching my back and moaning, writhing under his grip as his tongue flicked my pulsing clit while still sucking it. My body is a ball of nerves with the orgasm pumping through every vein. Once he released my little pussy from his mouth, I collapsed on the bed, panting. Reaching up from between my legs, he ran his fingers over my hard nipples, rubbing my swollen breasts. Moving his hands down over my heaving chest, over my stomach and back to my hips, then down my inner thighs. He then sits up and moves to lean over me. Kissing me hard, pushing that magic tongue in my mouth, I get to taste myself. It's sweet and instantly gives me a hot flush all over.
"Ready for round two?" He asks, as he grins like the Cheshire cat and heads back down between my soft thighs. He hadn't even taken off his shoes yet.

It occured to me that this was going to be a long night.

I was right.

Halloween's Coming!

OMG this is absolutely my most favoritest time of year EVAR.

I cannot wait for the haunted houses and scary hay rides to open so I can get my GHOUL on. Oh, and there's nothing that says "Halloween" like watching The 100 Scariest Movie Moments on Bravo. I will stone-cold break a bitch's fingers if they try and change the channel when that's on. I don't care if I've seen it a million times, I'll watch it a million more and no one will stop me.

Also? I've discovered a new-found joy in giving out candy to the lil bastards of my neighborhood. I know those kids must make out like bandits since it's a really nice area with tons of huge houses that decorate like mad for Halloween. Imagine how much candy they much take home! I know I personally give out a nice handful of the good shit to all the little snot rockets that come a-calling because I don't ever want to be "that house". You know, the one that give out ONE piece of shitty candy and sends you on your way? Something gross like black licorice or dum-dums? That's a sure way to get your ass on the "Fuck That House Up" list for Mischief Night the next year. No thanks. Never underestimate the viciousness of upper-middle class brats with too much time on their hands and too much allowance money. But I digress...

Yeah, really starting to take a shine to the candy-giving thing. The really little kids, the ones too young to be greedy assholes yet? Those are my favorite. They're always so proud of their costumes and so excited to get to fill their bag up. It really warms a tiny corner of my cold, black heart a little. Just a little.

Don't resist, go ahead, I'll wait... "Awwww..."

Mmhmm. You try and tell me you're not giving that little rug rat EVERYTHING YOU GOT in that candy bowl. Just dump it all in his little pumpkin bag and call it night cause he won this round.

The other fun part about giving out candy on Halloween is the Prostitots. The almost-legal girls that go Trick or Treating dressed like they're just stopping by before their shift at Scores? Yeah, those. Is it wrong to look? I mean, teenage girls didn't look like that when I was growing up, I'm sure of it. Good googly-moogly. Last year there were two girls, maybe 17 or so, both dressed in outfits I'm sure they could only have gotten from Leg Avenue. No lie. One was a bumble bee and the other? Yeah, a ladybug. Mini petticoated skirts, fishnets and all. So they knock on my door and I'm trying like hell to not stare but I'm sure the shock on my face was obvious. I'm also sure it was the same look they were getting all night. I'm handing them the candy and avoiding looking at them the way you avoid looking directly at the sun. No one's gonna be calling me a dirty fucking perv, no god damn way.
This isn't an exact example but it's pretty fucking close:

*sigh* I know, I know. I'm going to hell, I got it already.
So yeah, looking forward to see if this year we get more jailbait-in-stripper-gear. Here's to hoping! Wait, can I go to jail for saying that? Fuck.

Let the Games BEGIN.

Time to start cracking! I've got a bunch of shoots scheduled in the upcoming months and now is the time to get ready for them! In addition to amassing wardrobe and figuring out hair and makeup, I've got a routine that I do before photo shoots. A few little things I like to do to be sure my skin, body and mind are all ready and at their best before go-time. No one wants a flaky model on their set and I'm sure they'd love to not have to photoshop the hell out of you because you're tired or having a shitty skin day. That being said, I feel like preparation is key. Especially since I'm not 21 anymore (or 25, but who's counting? lol), I really gotta be conscious of what I do and what I put into my body. Most certainly if I'd like people to continue to want to take pretty, dirty pictures of me! Now these are things I do normally but certainly not as die-hard as I should. Although, once I've scheduled a shoot, there's no room for deviation if I want to look and feel human in front of a camera ...most times naked.

Two weeks before shooting:
-30mins Power Yoga (Sadie Nardini - she's friggin awesome, buy her DVDs!) 3 days/week.
-30mins Weight Training (I use a stability ball and light free-weights) 2day/week. (opposite days from yoga.)
-Drink as much water as I can stand. (Seriously, you should always get your 64oz a day but I really go into over drive with the water, it helps battle any bloating and makes my skin glow.)
-TONS of melons. (they're mostly water which help with water retention and hydration, not to mention packed with vitamins.)
-Lots of dark green veggies. (you can't beat the vitamins and FIBER you get from them. Think "light on your feet", haha too much?)
-Sleep, sleep and more sleep. (I don't have to tell you that you need to be properly rested daily for your body to work it's best and for your skin to not look un-dead. I make sure I get at LEAST 8 hours if not more.)
-Cut out the salt. (This? This is the hard one for me. I looove salty foods. But it's really the devil when you're trying to have really awesome-looking skin. Salt = Bloat. Keep it to a minimum.)
-Exfoliate. (Use a good body scrub to sluff away any dry skin. I use it all over: my ass, my tits, my legs, arms... everything. Trust me, it's worth it!)
-Do not, I repeat: DO NOT try any new products, vitamins, perfumes, etc. (I was always tempted to but some fancy moisturizers and creams for a big event but you never know what kind of reaction you'll have to them. Hives are not sexy, ya'll. Use what your body knows and is used to!)

That's pretty much it! I'm sure it sounds super obsessive to some people but honestly, you want to put your best out there when someone is taking time to photograph you. Being prepared goes a long way to helping relieve stress beforehand so you can just show up ready to work and ready to have fun!!

So I've been sick with the cooties..

A whole shitty week and a half of grossness. No nakey-time, no porn watching. Yeah, I know! I was really sick, huh??
But thank the sweet baby Jesus I've gotten my shit together and am now hoping for some fun and fabulous time this weekend recording clips and camming til my cute little clit falls off with delight! haha
ok, maybe not that far, but you get the gist!!

OH! I've also signed up for NiteFlirt and am hoping to get some fun MP3s recorded. I've got such a twisted imagination, I think it'll be fun to put it to good use!! Once i get some fun things together I'll be sure to post them here. :)

Anyone know...?

...How I can make a background like this for photoshoots? I wouldn't even know what the hell it's made out of but if anyone has any suggestions on how to duplicate it, I'd be so grateful!

Oh and yes, that's Aubrey O'Day. She's a sassy broad and I *heart* her.

New Video... Tits and glasses :)

Dewds, I had a friggin blast with this one! I got so worked up after a session of Topless Chat last week that I just HAD to make a video of the aftermath! Go check out my Clips4sale store for the full clip!!
Oh and well, If you like cute girls in glasses, this is totally for you :)

This is a No-Brainer. Ashlee Adams for Penthouse Pet of the Year!

If you guys follow me on Twitter, you may notice every now and again that I like to forward or re-tweet links from awesome people to pimp out their work. So when Ashlee Adams ( model, January 2009 Australian Penthouse Pet of the Month and all-around awesome girl) tweeted a need for a little help in the way of some much-deserved promotion, it was a no-brainer.

Here's the bottom line: Ashlee Adams is one of the most down-to-earth girls I've had the pleasure to interact with. Both classy and brash, homemaker and geek girl, she brings the total package to the table. Girls like her deserve Penthouse of the Year so please take a little time to vote for her? There's only about 2 weeks left to get your entry in and takes literally like 15 seconds to vote!

Little Darling Lost

Feeling a little off my game today. I'm sure the fact that I'm quite possibly getting sick has everything to do with it. If you're sick, stay home. Seriously? No one wants your cooties. I promise.

Hopefully I'll get my mojo back in full swing after a nice quiet weekend!

Fat ass, Satin panties...

... two great tastes that taste great together :)

DIY time!

New adventure... Carpenter/Furniture maker Girl!
I'm determined to make some more fun stuff for my lil makeshift studio in my house so I can crank out some more awesomeness and hopefully let other models use the space as well.
I REALLY want this background - which is really just a glorified padded headboard with covered buttons.

Isn't that fucking sweet?

I found a few sets of DIY instructions on how to make this and I'm going to enlist my handy men (and oh how handy they are! lol) to tackle this with me. I just need to decide on a fabric and color. Hmmm... any ideas on good websites to buy discounted fabric?

I had...

...the most glorious weekend! Although I'm rediculously tired today I gotta say I had so much fun! So much fun that really, I had to listen to Disney Radio on the way into work to cleanse mysef from all the awesomely filthy things that were going through my head from the past couple of days, hahaha!

Those of you who had fun with me on cam got to see some seriously hardcore cumming and I thank you for having a hand in that!! Some of you have the best ideas and are just so awesome and giving direction... mmm glorious!! And those of you who are so gracious as to sit back and just let me have my way with you (any myself) however I want? You sooo rock!
I can't wait to get to spend time with you guys again. :)

Sooo I'm thinking of another Topless Chat this week sometime if my schedule permits it... hopefully I get a chance to show off a little more!

Hope you guys are having a fabulous day and have an even more fabulous week!

My Services

So it turns out I should stop sucking at the business end of all this and should actually tell all my new friends how to get in on all the fun! Most of you know who know me, already know that I really fucking love what I do. That being said, here's a little rundown of the stuff you can take advantage of if you'd like to get, umm, a little more "personal" with me, if you will. *grins*

Ways to have fun with me :)

Chatting Topless? Why, YES!

Ok, So I've done this in the past and always had an ton of fun so I'm bringing it back:
Topless Chat.

Yep, you read that right! A few times a month I'll be on Instant Messenger chatting it up with everyone and the titties will be out to play! LOL
It's not a cam show, its just me having fun with my friends and occasionally, I molest my breasts. Cause let's face it, tits are awesome. Girls, don't think this is just for the fellas! I wanna chat with you too (and y'know, if you wanna show me yours too on the sly it can be our little secret *wink* lol)

So make sure to keep a look out for updates because I'll be posting on my Twitter when I plan on being online. Typically, It'll be from 7-9pm eastern time on any given day... later start times on weekends are a possibility. I'll always post the day and time at least one day in advance (or same-day if I'm feeling saucy last-minute, lol)

Currently, I'm only on yahoo and AIM but will be adding other messenger service screen names as I amass them.
YIM - SavannahDarling
AIM- MissDarlingGirl
(cam chat is not always supported)

I was on twice this week and can't wait to do it again! Maybe this weekend?

It's free, it's a fucking blast, and honestly? you wanna see my tits live and in-action. Admit it.
Plus, this is a great chance to get to know me to see if you'd like to schedule some "alone time" with me :)

C'mon, can you say no to this face??

Disgrace to Feminism.

I was reading an article on about how Newspapers should be adjusting to the economic climate and could take cues from the porn industry in changing with the times in different ways. To accompany the article was a photo of Sasha Gray, porn star and newly-minted mainstream actress who starred in The Girlfriend Experience by Steven Soderbergh. After perusing the article I scrolled down the page to read the comments as I always do and here's the gem I ran across:

Angie says:
August 24, 2009 at 8:07 am
Interesting article but was it really necessary to put that pig’s picture up? It offends me that she runs around calling herself a “feminist” when all she does is let men objectify her in degrading ways. She’s a disgrace to feminism.

Naturally that offends me deeply. Not as a sex worker, not even as a fan of Ms. Gray but as a woman and a feminist. The point of being a feminist is to make real what we tell all little girls: "You can be anything you want to be and can do it equally as well as a man." Period. There are no special clauses like, "well unless you're naked." or "unless you're going against status quo."
Simply put: Men and women are equals. Women deserve rights, choices and respect; the same as any man. So what if Sasha wants to get rammed in her ass while getting choked out?
So, needless to say, I had to respond.

Darling says:
August 24, 2009 at 9:35 am
No, Angie. I think *you* actually may be the best example of a disgrace to feminism. Judging her for what she’s chosen to do for a profession and deeming it “un-feminist” simply because it’s sex? It’s dirty? It’s disgusting to you? Get over yourself. Women are allowed to enjoy sex, “deviant” or otherwise. If she wants to star in porn it’s her choice.You don’t get to decide that an independent woman is not a feminist simply because you don’t like what she does with her life or how she expresses herself. Because guess what? Supporting her right to choose her own path is supporting feminism.

I'm sure my response isn't going to change that idiot's mind or anyone else that believes that being sexual, being in porn, means you are less of a woman and are "a disgrace to feminism".
I'm sure anyone who is content to be ignorant and content to dismiss all of the women who are pioneers in the porn industry (or any other arena of sexual expression for that matter) as mindless pawns controlled by men, is content to sit back and ignore me as well.

Just the same, better than sitting idly by, my loves. Better than sitting idly by.

I'm totally...

Going to have to start a tumblr for all the naughty pics I want to post... something tells me twitpic isn't the proper place to be posting them... lol
Hopefully I'll have that up and running this weekend along with my new store for the videos that I've amassed. I can't wait to share all of that with you guys!!

What's on my mind today.

  • Glitter shoes
  • Petticoats
  • Making my own tulle bustles
  • Taking ballet class
    (even though it's waaay expensive at the school I want to go to.)
  • Giving my dogs salmon oil
  • Getting my nails did
  • Dying my hair something crazy
  • Fishnet gloves
  • When will my next photoshoot be?
  • Maybe taking a hiatus from sex work, at least for a few weeks

Some of these things I need feedback on, some things I need to really think about on my own.

Some of them just make me insanely happy :)


Burlesque class was cancelled. Might be another one later in the fall.

But I'm still determined to try this and I'm going to enroll in ballet class next month. :)

that is all.

Darling: Burlesque Dancer.

Soooo I was on OkCupid last week browsing the cute hipster philly girls and came across a lovely girl on there who's profile made me laugh my ass off. She was married and looking to meet new friends in the area for some platonic friendship and even though that's not necessarily what I'm looking for I just had to say hi, she was just THAT funny and witty.

WE got to friendly chatting and she mentioned that she's an aspiring burlesque dancer. Naturally, I just had to know more being that I absolutely adore Dita Von Teese and I can't ever take my eyes off the beautiful Ili Jean, aka Queen Frostine Dream.

She tells me that she's studying with the Philadelphia School of Burlesque and that I should come to a workshop, even if I was just curious. And I was. So I am. Going, that is! Class starts tonight and I'm determinded to learn what I can and work hard to eventually be able to perform in the showcase in September!

If I love it as much as I think I will, I'm going to enroll in an adult ballet class to try and tighten up my dance skills and get a little lighter on my feet. I think this could be a really fun and fabulous hobby!

Who'd have thought? Me. A burlesque dancer in training.

It all happened so fast, but I'm so glad I broke my routine and took a moment to stop and chat with a nice girl I had no intentions of sleeping with.

What I did this weekend...Date with Lady Cop!

Gah, I totally need to post more... damn you Twitter!! I swear, if i didn't blurb out my every little boring thought there I might actually have something interesting to actually BLOG once in a while... jeeez. :)

So I spent my weekend making a new custom video and putting together a custom photo set. I gotta say, I reeeeeally love the custom orders. It's so personal and I love trying to capture on film exactly what someone wants whether it be fetish or glamour or extra-explicit. It's such a turn-on to get the positive feedback when I've nailed it for them and they've really enjoyed what I sent them. I LOVE IT. It's what keeps me going and keeps me doing all of this.

Now on to the good stuff!
I had a fabulous first date on Friday night with Lady Cop. She's adorable and funny and no-nonsense. She was dressed casual with the cutest rhinestone sandals I've ever seen! Leave it to me to notice the shoes first, huh? She was fun and sweet, not to mention articulate and really easy to talk to. I tried not to dominate the conversation (I have a problem with rambling when I get nervous) and I think I managed to keep the diarhea-of-the-mouth in check. It left room for me to learn a TON about Lady Cop. She has a 12yr old daughter (she doesnt at all look old enough for that, trust me, lol) and she was a stripper! OMG, I was totally shocked and amazed. Needless to say, that gave her a million points in my book. So I asked if she'd give me pole lessons, and well if you could have seen the cheshire-cat smile she gave me in response! Good stuff. We had dinner and a couple of drinks (only two each, she is a cop after all.. drunk driving is umm, a no-no I'm sure) along with great conversation and lots of laughs. As the night was winding down, I walked her to her car to say goodnight. I gave her a hug and to my surprise she leaned in, pushed me up against the side of her durango and proceded to give me the hottest goodbye kiss I've EVER gotten on a first date. I mean, omg. It was dark and we were in a far corner of the parking lot so trust me, it went from a kiss to full-on making out in a hurry. I could have ripped her clothes off right there. The way she smelled like vanilla to the way she ran her hands through my hair... my god, y'all. Seriously.Wet. Panties. That's all I can say about that.

After an 8 month hiatus...

... I jumped headlong back into modelling. Tonight was the perfect storm of feeling great, looking pretty damn good and a fabulous photographer with skill and an awesome eye. I remembered tonight why I love it. Why did I stop for so long? I don't really know. Self doubt? Lack of interesting projects? Whatever the reason, I'm back at it with a renewed determination to get myself out there, have some fun and make some pretty images along the way.
If you're a photographer and in the Philly/NJ area and you'd like to maybe have some fun (either vanilla or erotic) please don't hesitate to contact me! Maybe we can make beautiful photos together! :)

Model Mayhem Profile #817964

I'm not very good at...

...promoting myself and I sometimes forget to mention that I am actually available to those of you that read my blog for some naught fun as well! Funny how others need to remind me that I should let more people know how to get in on the fun. :)

Soooo by request, soon I will be posting screen shots of the videos and photo sets I have to offer for sale and I've already posted in the sidebar how to contact me for rates and appointments for cam shows.

I hope this was helpful for those of you who have been interested in getting together for some one on one fun!!

Playing Hookey

Indeed, I am playing hookey today!!! It was just not in me today to go to work so I just didn't. Just like that. It's really not like me to not go to work simply because I don't feel like it but today just seemed like the day.

So in celebration of being away from the chains of my cubicle, I decided I'd be Extra-Naughty Girl today. I've dressed in my trashiest 80's best (shredded tights and all) and I've already masturbated twice, given two cam shows and made one VERY naughty video for a very fabulous client... and I haven't even had lunch yet! I think I'm well on my way to passing out from sheer sexual bliss in about a hour... hahaha.

OH! and I've also participated in "Topless Tuesday" on Twitter... you can see my "submission" in my twitpics :)

so yeah, busy busy horny little bee!!

It all looks so innocent at the start, huh?

For all you lovely pervs... click on it, it gets bigger ;)

Oh boy, am I webcam ready or WHAT. I especially love how I was trying to be all discreet about the bright pink dildo at my fingertips... like ya'll don't know what I'm about to do with it... hahahaha!

Catching up. Also? Gay Boyfriend/Bi Girlfriend Wanted!

I really gotta stop taking forever in between posts...

Twitter has taken over and I've been using it like mad to shoot off random thoughts about everything, as has everyone else I'm sure. So, naturally real blogging has taken a back seat to "micro-blogging".

Sooo what's new, pussycats? (Whooooa whoa whoa!, sorry) I've been making some really naughty videos, that's what's been up with me! I'm also starting to do a few cam shows here and there for a few special boys and girls. (you know who you are *grin*)

MORE IMPORTANTLY I'm also currently looking for a fabulous gay boyfriend and a sugar-sweet bi girlfriend. What does one do, hold auditions?

ok, ok here's what I'd loooove in a gay boyfriend:

*Smarts. I loves me a man who can debate me on important matters like which celebutards are in the closet or which earrings go with tangerine nail polish. (Ding! The answer is none, tangerine nail polish is hideous. Trick question!)
*Fashion sense. Cause sometime, a girl needs help. (Maybe tangerine is in? These are things I need to know, people!)
*Confidence. But not cockiness, that's just ugly. And God don't like ugly. (Wait, from what I hear, God don't like web whores either, so I guess all bets are off!)
*Sunny Disposition. True, we all have bad days but for the most part I'm a pretty happy gal... let's go shopping or out for the necessary four food groups: Drinking, Dancing, People Watching and Gossipping!
*Drama-Free. self-explanatory, no?

Damn, I think I want all those things in a bi girlfriend, too! Although, if you are interested in that position, I will want to make out with you. Alot. Not required for the gay boyfriend position! I have a bi boyfriend for that. *wink*

Turning 30

So yes, It seems that June 8th, 2009 will be the day that I turn Dirty Thirty, ya'll. I gotta say, I'm not really all that upset about it. I don't know if it's because I've always felt older than my years or if in our society, we're no longer really expected to "be" a certain something by the age of thirty as much as say, 20years ago. I'm not married, I don't have children, and despite that, I don't feel my proverbial "clock" ticking away. There's plenty of time for that... or not, if I so choose. So yeah, thirty's no big deal.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that right now I feel the most confident, self-assured, sexy and sexually free I ever have in this life of mine (and humble, can't you tell?). Is it because I don't care about how others view me or my body or what I think is sexually stimulating? Partly, yes, I think so. Also because I've been lucky enough to have met people in my life that have helped me grow as my own person and get comfortable in my own skin. As much as I would love to take all the credit, there were people I've crossed paths with that have changed me forever. Some angels, some devils. Sometimes we passed each other like ships in the night (I always wanted to use that phrase!), and there have been few and precious times that I've been lucky enough to call those people long-time friends. Or "suckers" as I like to call them. You're stuck with me now, bitches!

But I digress...
I'm trying to say that on this birthday, I'm happy. Also, thirty can go suck it. I'm still a hot bitch.

You like that Olan Mills hand-gently-placed-under-chin shit, huh? Now THAT ladies and gents, is pure unadulterated modeling talent.

fuck yes.

Does this represent New Jersey or what??

(From the hilarious Awkward Family Photos)

One state at a time, ya'll.

Maine senate passes same-sex marriage bill.... this could very well mean that Maine is on the way to being the 5th state to allow gay marriage.

one step closer to equality for all.

Oh, and Carrie Prejean can suck it. :)


... has been hell in a handbasket. With a shitty bow on it.

that is all.

I hope if you're close, you're going.

Fuck that... if you're not close, get on a plane, get in your car, just get there.

From advert:

"The first Gallery Show of Chase Lisbon.
The first time that prints have been displayed or sold to the public. "

May 2nd 2009. Philadelphia, PA. 6-9 PM.

Afterparty / TEN CMNDMNTS / At The Barbary.

my cat's an asshole.

*sigh* so I'm supposed to be posting an introductory vlog for right now. It's a really cool site that's aiming at size positivity... kind of like a youtube for us curvy and full-figured girls. It's a very cool concept and I have loads of respect for the dude that's starting it up, a very good friend of mine that's been a BBW supporter for pretty much forever. Anyway, so I'm trying to record a vlog introducing who I am and what kinds of videos I plan on posting, etc.. and my fucking camera-whore cat was all up in my shit. After 12 takes of me stumbling over myself, I finally got a good one down without me stuttering or saying "um" a thousand times and who's in the backround? Fucking Biggles. I'm gonna try tomorrow when I can lock his dumb ass out.

Words I hate...

yum or yummy



Are there any words you despise? Any that are like nails on a chalkboard to you? I'm really curious to hear what words or phrases really get your goat.


Happy Stoner holiday, ya'll. I hope those of you that "partake" are having fun and making the most of this day!

I was never much of a "toker" if you will... I always wished I could smoke and laugh all day at dumb shit with my friends but I could never really enjoy the high. I'd always get super paranoid and nervous. Needless to say, those aren't my favorite mental states, so I tend to pass rather than puff.
Get it? puff, puff, pass? Ok, I know it was cheesy. STOP JUDGING ME.

Anyway, I also never liked being so hungry I could eat like a host to a tapeworm. That shit makes you bloated like a mug the next day and even though I'm chubby, extra bloat does not go unnoticed or unappreciated to say the least. I'm fat enough, give me a damn break. Not to mention all the "deep thoughts" that lead me to really getting inside my own head. I honestly do not need to get that intimately reacquainted with the deep recesses of my sick and twisted mind. It's a scary place in there, ya'll... no thanks.

So what the hell was I trying to say? Oh yeah, Merry Weedmas or whatever. Smoke a fat one for me, since I can't enjoy one myself without spiralling retardedly into a dark session of self psychoanalysis while eating an entire chocolate chip bunt cake with a side of gummy worms and cheetos.

Now painkillers, that's a destructive habit I can get behind! Where's THAT holiday?


I check it at work. I check it at home. I check it all the live long day. I am now getting twitter for my blackberry.

I am addicted.

Saturday Night...

...and I'm feeling ready to take my clothes off. I'm hoping for an extremely kinky and fun gentleman (or woman, for that matter) to come along this evening looking for some web-play. Maybe some cam-play? Now that would be fantastical. My hair is in its glorious and wildly naturally curly state, I'm in an adorable strapless sundress and my lips are a fabulous ruby red thanks to my favorite whore paint: Rimmel lipfinish #165 "Temptation". How appropriate!

There really aren't many things in this world that satisfy me as much as a hard orgasm in front of a grateful participant.

There really wasn't a point to this particular post. Just wanted to share. *wink*

one more thing

I need this dress. Need to find where I can get this dress.


Spring Fever!!


It's gorgeous here in New Jersey right now and boy am I ready for it!

ok so now I need to:
- go home and put on a dress
- shave my legs first (don't judge. ya'll can get homely looking too, shut up! haha)
- schedule a pedicure asap (a girl needs fresh red toes for warm weather, its a must.)
- get my ass a date for this evening and enjoy the first REAL day of spring.

oh! and of you're in the tri-state area or anywhere else that's getting a surprising bout of fabulous weather, step away from the computer and get your ass outside. Or like my grandmother used to say, "Go out and blow the stink off ya!" haha god rest her, she was a sassy lady.

That is all!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

“I am a lady. I am a lady and I get things done.” - Veruca, age 4.

well well...

It's been a while, huh? I've been running a million miles a minute and haven't been able to get my thoughts together long enough to think straight, let alone get a full blog post in.

I've been thinking alot about what I really want from the adult industry... or rather what I want to contribute, I should say. Do I still want my own website? Continue selling lingerie and a la carte photos? Venture seriously into more camming? I have no clue. It seems that my age old short attention span is at it again; I want to do all of it and none of it, if that makes sense. I love the way I feel when I read good feedback from a satisfied customer, that I know for certain. I love the feeling of satisfaction when I've really made someones day or have made someone so incredibly hot they can't wait to come back for more. I take pride in making all my customers feel special and I hope each and every one of them know they aren't just a number to me and it's certainly not all about the money. To be quite frank, I put way more cash into this lil "business" of mine than I get out of it. I don't mind, I've had more fun and have gotten to love my body more in the past year than ever in my life. All because of this internet sex work whirlwind.
But I digress.

I'm still conflicted on what I'd like to do, what I'd like to focus my energies on. I know that to be successful I need to concentrate on one thing and make it my own. Master it, if you will, before I can move onto the next thing. SO for now, I'll continue to watch and read and research and learn. Hopefully inspiration will fall in my lap, but most likely I'll trip over it on the way to something else. *grin*

holy shit...

I've only had like 2 posts in 2009. whoa. trust me when I say I'll be coming back with guns a-blazin' as soon as possible.. there's just so much I have to tell you!!

The Very Best Part...

...of being a part of this sex webisphere is being able to help some people realize that having a fetish doesn't make you freakish. I was astonished to find so many adults feeling such shame in describing what activities get them off. I supposed I could understand the shame if it involved anything illegal or something that was done to others without their consent. I am no proponent of violating someone simply for sexual gratification (unless it's consensual violation, then by all means!) . But a man finding satisfaction wearing womens panties under his slacks? Perfectly fabulous and not a cause for shame. At least not in my book, anyway. But for some, this expression of lust is so taboo that many have never shared the details of their trysts with anyone. Ever. Not a lover, a wife, a husband, a best friend. No one. That is, until they stumble upon people like me and many other sex workers I know. Those of us who take the time to let them feel safe and comfortable with themselves, even if its just for a little while.
I'm glad I get to be that someone. That is all.

It's not that...

... I haven't had anything to say... it's not that at all...
it just seems like lately I'm lacking the patience to stop long enough to say anything, y'know?
if that makes any bit of sense...

I've been trying to get the story down of my first submissive for about a year now... started it twice and well, something always comes along and steals my concentration..
ok, ok.. I give it readily away. *smiles*

But it's coming.

Full speed ahead?

Ah boys and girls, I'm still plugging away at the website... I'm having a blast taking photos and getting better!! Who knew, right??
But you know what has surprisingly been the bigger attraction lately? Selling my panties.
Yep, I'm featured on a few different sites and the panty fetishists are quite the interestingly kinky bunch! I've got a few regulars and I gotta tell ya, I'm fucking having a great time getting to know all of them and helping fulfill their fantasies! I've also gotten some new members to my website, from the panty sales! Whoo hoo! So yeah, things are really moving along nicely... at least I feel like I'm moving forward and getting better at these endeavors I've taken on.

So, off topic, but does anyone have a good accounting software recommendation? One thats free? I know, I know.. quickbooks, right? *sigh* I know, I just don't want to shell out the bucks right now 'cause I'm cheap. haha