Full speed ahead?

Ah boys and girls, I'm still plugging away at the website... I'm having a blast taking photos and getting better!! Who knew, right??
But you know what has surprisingly been the bigger attraction lately? Selling my panties.
Yep, I'm featured on a few different sites and the panty fetishists are quite the interestingly kinky bunch! I've got a few regulars and I gotta tell ya, I'm fucking having a great time getting to know all of them and helping fulfill their fantasies! I've also gotten some new members to my website, from the panty sales! Whoo hoo! So yeah, things are really moving along nicely... at least I feel like I'm moving forward and getting better at these endeavors I've taken on.

So, off topic, but does anyone have a good accounting software recommendation? One thats free? I know, I know.. quickbooks, right? *sigh* I know, I just don't want to shell out the bucks right now 'cause I'm cheap. haha

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