The Very Best Part...

...of being a part of this sex webisphere is being able to help some people realize that having a fetish doesn't make you freakish. I was astonished to find so many adults feeling such shame in describing what activities get them off. I supposed I could understand the shame if it involved anything illegal or something that was done to others without their consent. I am no proponent of violating someone simply for sexual gratification (unless it's consensual violation, then by all means!) . But a man finding satisfaction wearing womens panties under his slacks? Perfectly fabulous and not a cause for shame. At least not in my book, anyway. But for some, this expression of lust is so taboo that many have never shared the details of their trysts with anyone. Ever. Not a lover, a wife, a husband, a best friend. No one. That is, until they stumble upon people like me and many other sex workers I know. Those of us who take the time to let them feel safe and comfortable with themselves, even if its just for a little while.
I'm glad I get to be that someone. That is all.

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