Playing Hookey

Indeed, I am playing hookey today!!! It was just not in me today to go to work so I just didn't. Just like that. It's really not like me to not go to work simply because I don't feel like it but today just seemed like the day.

So in celebration of being away from the chains of my cubicle, I decided I'd be Extra-Naughty Girl today. I've dressed in my trashiest 80's best (shredded tights and all) and I've already masturbated twice, given two cam shows and made one VERY naughty video for a very fabulous client... and I haven't even had lunch yet! I think I'm well on my way to passing out from sheer sexual bliss in about a hour... hahaha.

OH! and I've also participated in "Topless Tuesday" on Twitter... you can see my "submission" in my twitpics :)

so yeah, busy busy horny little bee!!


  1. Well, I'll admit, I'm glad you took a day off ;-).

  2. You so need to take more clothes...I mean days off