Merkins, Merkins Everywhere!

So I've got this unhealthy obsession with merkins. Furry ones, sparkly ones, weird ones, silly ones. I don't own any since I could never decide on which one I wanted, not to mention where would I wear one, exactly? Photo set? Kinky Funtimes? I need to come up with some ideas so I can start my collection. I mean, come on, look at these works of art*... costumes for your chooch!

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*The bait-n-tackle-creepy-purple-worm one really messed with my emotions but I had to post it 'cause 2010 is all about facin' my fears and whatnot. New year, new you! or some shit. :)


  1. *You* have an obsession with merkins?? My handle is "The Vagina Wig!"