Which way is up?

It's been forever since I blogged, I know. I've been focusing on some new projects and have been neglecting my little den of debauchery that is this blog. Trying to decide on a path and settling down enough to gather my thoughts into something productive has always been a challenge for me but I've been getting a much more clear vision of what I want for Savannah the brand and Savannah the person. First, do I want to be a "brand"? Is that my goal, to further monetize the online ventures that I enjoy? I'd love to be able to earn a living just being Miss Daring but being sexy all the time can be tiring, to be perfectly frank. Not to mention that sometimes dealing with unreasonable demands or pushy clients or "wannabe" clients can be completely emotionally draining which of course, can manifest itself into physical exhaustion. Lord knows I don't need a reason to develop into a hypochondriac, hello! On the other hand, my vanilla work existence is just that; bland, boring and tedious. Mediocre at best and soul-sucking in very different but equally damaging ways.
What's a girl to do?

My decision is to act more and ask questions later. If I want to film clips, then film clips I will. If I want to toil away writing about filthy things and posting them to my blog, then so be it. The first order of business is that this blog may be getting a face-lift/makeover and may be moving to a dedicated site with my own hosting. It's time to get all my eggs in neater baskets. They won't all be in ONE basket but at least everything will be easily accessable and organized. I'm not sure I can do that with blogspot so we may be moving, kids!

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