Hey Hey! It's August!

Hey babes... How are ya? Things are just peachy over here at Casa de Darling. Still having a blast on my little corner of Streamate and my fabulously kinky Niteflirt lines as usual. You should totally come by and say hi if you haven't done so already. It's always good naked fun. Who doesn't just adore good naked fun? Well, maybe the nuns at my 2nd grade communion but that's another story all together.

Oh Oh! I nearly forgot! I do believe that Ms. Caramel Dreams and I will be shooting and doing sessions together again soon down here in my neck of the woods, South Jersey. If you're not familiar with her, you can check out my blog post about our last meeting. My gawd was that fun! Fantastic fetish-y goodness. If you're anywhere in the tri-state area, you do NOT want to miss this. I think between the two of us, we cover just about ALL the fetish bases. Mhmm, yep. We're a one-stop fetish shop, my loves! Haha sorry, I got a little carried away. AS USUAL, right? *giggle*

anyway, let me leave ya with a gpoyw (gratuitious photo of yourself wednedsay) since it *is* Wednedsay and all. Here's my new advertisement graphic. Hope you like it!

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