NEW CLIP! Mouth Fetish Awesomeness.

I've got a fancy lil mouth fetish clip on over at Kinkbomb that I just uploaded. I was playing around with my Flare lens app (which I am in looove with) on my iPhone and felt like my lips were just doing the MOST... I just had to film them. And film them I did!

Click it, it moves! Mmmmm...

You should totally go check it out if you've got a thing for pretty mouths, or pretty girls, or pretty film effects. It's super affordable (around 4 bucks) just like most of my other clips. Annnnnd, if you use the promo code DarlingGirlKink, you'll get %25 off your order of $25.00 or more. How awesome is that?
I'll be adding some MUCH filthier content (if that's your thang) in the coming weeks so stay tuned for the updates!

I hope you're enjoying your Friday and have a happy Labor Day Weekend!

Love and Fetish Vids,
Your Darling  :)

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