You know what? No. Not today.

Damn, I'm a cranky crabby bitch today!
I guess having 4 days off in a row filled with stuffing your face and drinking every glass of wine in reach (and some not even yours) will do that to you.
So Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope ya'll aren't too hungover. I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck that stopped and then backed over me for good measure.
But hey, before this weekend I hadn't a drink in forever and ever. So, what the hell right?
Althought I have discovered that I'm not 22 anymore and don't bounce back after a night of slamming down an entire bottle of wine myself (yes, thats all it took, shut up) like I used to. Actually, when I was 22 it was bottles of grey goose or jose cuervo and then getting up to go to work the next day almost refreshed. Wow, I've really pussed-out since then.
Waking up after 5 hours of sleep after an alcohol induced coma and having to attend to the needs of 4 animals is bullshit. Fuck you aging. Fuck you hard.
I need to teach my dogs to let themselves out to pee.
and feed the cats.
and make coffee.

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