Just a side note...

I just spent the better part of my afternoon reading Not in the Face, the blog of Caligula Sanchez in between office fuckery. Do you know what it's like to have to hold your breath or pretend you're coughing to cover up the sqealing, hyena-like cackling you know you want to let out while your boss is in the next cube?? TORTUROUS, but totally worth it.

I truly feel that he is my long lost soul mate, (albeit more fabulous and fashionable - I need that switchblade disguised as a lipstick!) because:

A.) he's multi-cultural like moi (and nobody knows the horrors of that childhood like another of your kind.)

B.) I also have PTUCS or Post Traumatic Ugly Child Syndrome (see item A.)

C.) SEX WORK. 'nuff said.

D.) His blog is named NOT IN THE FACE. Hello?? How many times have I had to proclaim such guidelines? Don't answer that. I'll only say its between 1 and 224455978231 times.

So yeah, go on and get familiar and cozy with Caligula, Destroyer of Worlds.
You might get fired but you'll laugh your ass off. Even trade, right?

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  1. Awww, thanks ! Hahaha and a switchblade disguised lipstick can be yours if you hop on down to you're local flea market. I mean, the pen switchblade would make more sense (seeing as I don't wear lipstick), but a hooookah's gotta have style.