That's totally me since today feels like one giant face-plant.

The Monday after a holiday weekend. Is there anything more dreadful? I'd love to be in bed, wrapped up in blankets. *sigh*
There were tons of dramarific post-worthy revelations unraveling this past week but I'll refrain from giving them any more steam. I'll just say this: Claiming someone else's likeness and passing it off as your own to the masses is fucked up. A lie of that magnitude negates any truths or goodwill you may be trying to dole out. Period.
OK, now that's that. I hope you all had a fun week and that you have a fun and memorable night planned for the new year! I'm hoping to spend it on my couch but Mr. Darling may throw a monkey wrench in those plans. :)


  1. Isnt it annoying when someone steals your photos? "Ugh" is right!

  2. I haven't had any of mine stolen yet (that I know of, lol) but I'd certainly be peeved!