I love these fuckers. What better treat of deliciousness to spotlight in "Shit I love" week than King's Hawaiian Rolls??? I usually get them when I pick up fried chicken (shut up) from my neighborhood grocer. (Don't sleep on Pathmark's Fried Chicken Game, son.)

I love how I found this photo and it was named "original 4-pack". And APPARENTLY it *is* the original 4-pack because now they have oven-bake dinner rolls and mini slider buns. (Whaa??) That's just too much awesome to process right now and I still have 2 and a half hours of work left so I'm not going to think of all the delicious ways I could use these in a meal right now lest I loose my shit and have to up and leave to buy more immediately. I'm gonna pull on back and ponder on that fabulousness later when I can shout things to Mr. Darling from the other room when I think of them. "OMG I COULD MAKE BREAKFAST SANDWICHES OUT OF THEM. DO YOU THINK I CAN USE THEM FOR FRENCH TOAST??" He loves that. Especially when he's trying to watch sportscenter. Aren't I the best naked-on-the-interwebs lady ever? Don't be too jealous.

Get some. You'll thank me later. Now if you'll excuse me I need to inhale the two I had packed in my lunch. I'm not kidding.

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