Momentum Convention Update

So some of you who chat with me regularly know that I was planning on attending the Momentum Conference at the end of this month but then issues arose that caused me to cancel those plans and look into selling my ticket. Naturally, I was super disappointed because when I attended last year, the people I met and the things I learned there (about this business and MYSELF) changed me so much in the best ways possible. In addition to making great friends and learning a ton, I also was able offer massages for donations to HIPS. This alone led me to connecting with some of the most awesome people I'd met all weekend! So yeah, super disappointed. Crushed may be a better word, haha.
As sad as I was that I would be missing out on a fabulous convention and seeing fabulous friends who have become family, I totally accepted that the personal circumstances my family has been facing recently needed all my resources. I also knew that things would work themselves out and I was determined that next year I'd be able to make Mcon happen!
I sold my ticket at 8pm last night.
At 9pm, I got a message from the Diva herself, Dee, asking me if I were supplied with a ticket and a place to stay, would I drive down and attend. Less than a minute later, Tess offered to let me stay in her room.
At 9:01pm I bawled like a baby. (lol, I wish I were kidding.)
I cannot tell you how this made me feel. For someone who is never ever EVAH short of words, I was totally speechless. I love these women. They've made me feel like family since I first met them years ago and I feel totally unworthy and thankful and loved. I promise I will pay it forward and continue to try and extend myself to others when they need it and I will NOT let this opportunity go to waste!
GUYS, I'M GOING TO MOMENTUM! Massages for everyone!!


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  1. We didn't want to miss our massages :)

    Can't wait to see you next week and hope you'll still love us after we put you to work. We do compensate in mimosas and bellinis.