Dear pet, slaves and servants...

Hello there, little ones. I'm sitting here with my pups, enjoying the nice weather and an afternoon of relaxing before my fun evening tonight. I plan on plenty of fetish fuckery and having tons of rocking orgasms with a special someone... bet you wish it were you! Ha! I know how much my silly little slaves and pet pay piggies drool over the thought of my pleasure, how you yearn to get the privilege to serve me and to spoil me. Maybe even get the chance to be within inches of me in a rare in-person session. Well today, to satisfy your need to please me, why don't you be a dear and send me your hard-earned money in the form of e-gift certificates. My favorites are Victoria's Secret, Amazon and eBay. After all, seriously, I need it more than you pitiful little worms do. I mean, you can only hang but so many Call of Duty posters on your wall in your mom's basement. It takes lots of spoiling to look this fabulous all the time. And let's be real, even in sweats and no make up at all, I'd still be hotter than any girl who'll ever bother to give you the time of day.

The fact that I pay any attention to you at all certainly deserves everything you can give me. Honestly, I want it all. I want every penny you make. I want you to have to beg, borrow and steal to satiate me. Perhaps you should call me and we can talk about what you can do for me. Make sure you take lots of notes, too... I expect you to give me exactly what I want, when I want it and precisely how I want it, down to the very last detail. The consequence for failure? I'll forget you even exist. I mean truly, that's not terribly hard since you're already quite forgettable to begin with but I'll cut you off completely, no second chances. With the amount of reliable pets to spoil me, why waste my already limited available time bothering with incompetent and cheap losers? You'd much rather be in my good graces, so open up that wallet and say "AHhhhh...".

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