my cat's an asshole.

*sigh* so I'm supposed to be posting an introductory vlog for right now. It's a really cool site that's aiming at size positivity... kind of like a youtube for us curvy and full-figured girls. It's a very cool concept and I have loads of respect for the dude that's starting it up, a very good friend of mine that's been a BBW supporter for pretty much forever. Anyway, so I'm trying to record a vlog introducing who I am and what kinds of videos I plan on posting, etc.. and my fucking camera-whore cat was all up in my shit. After 12 takes of me stumbling over myself, I finally got a good one down without me stuttering or saying "um" a thousand times and who's in the backround? Fucking Biggles. I'm gonna try tomorrow when I can lock his dumb ass out.

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