well well...

It's been a while, huh? I've been running a million miles a minute and haven't been able to get my thoughts together long enough to think straight, let alone get a full blog post in.

I've been thinking alot about what I really want from the adult industry... or rather what I want to contribute, I should say. Do I still want my own website? Continue selling lingerie and a la carte photos? Venture seriously into more camming? I have no clue. It seems that my age old short attention span is at it again; I want to do all of it and none of it, if that makes sense. I love the way I feel when I read good feedback from a satisfied customer, that I know for certain. I love the feeling of satisfaction when I've really made someones day or have made someone so incredibly hot they can't wait to come back for more. I take pride in making all my customers feel special and I hope each and every one of them know they aren't just a number to me and it's certainly not all about the money. To be quite frank, I put way more cash into this lil "business" of mine than I get out of it. I don't mind, I've had more fun and have gotten to love my body more in the past year than ever in my life. All because of this internet sex work whirlwind.
But I digress.

I'm still conflicted on what I'd like to do, what I'd like to focus my energies on. I know that to be successful I need to concentrate on one thing and make it my own. Master it, if you will, before I can move onto the next thing. SO for now, I'll continue to watch and read and research and learn. Hopefully inspiration will fall in my lap, but most likely I'll trip over it on the way to something else. *grin*

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