Chatting Topless? Why, YES!

Ok, So I've done this in the past and always had an ton of fun so I'm bringing it back:
Topless Chat.

Yep, you read that right! A few times a month I'll be on Instant Messenger chatting it up with everyone and the titties will be out to play! LOL
It's not a cam show, its just me having fun with my friends and occasionally, I molest my breasts. Cause let's face it, tits are awesome. Girls, don't think this is just for the fellas! I wanna chat with you too (and y'know, if you wanna show me yours too on the sly it can be our little secret *wink* lol)

So make sure to keep a look out for updates because I'll be posting on my Twitter when I plan on being online. Typically, It'll be from 7-9pm eastern time on any given day... later start times on weekends are a possibility. I'll always post the day and time at least one day in advance (or same-day if I'm feeling saucy last-minute, lol)

Currently, I'm only on yahoo and AIM but will be adding other messenger service screen names as I amass them.
YIM - SavannahDarling
AIM- MissDarlingGirl
(cam chat is not always supported)

I was on twice this week and can't wait to do it again! Maybe this weekend?

It's free, it's a fucking blast, and honestly? you wanna see my tits live and in-action. Admit it.
Plus, this is a great chance to get to know me to see if you'd like to schedule some "alone time" with me :)

C'mon, can you say no to this face??

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