Darling: Burlesque Dancer.

Soooo I was on OkCupid last week browsing the cute hipster philly girls and came across a lovely girl on there who's profile made me laugh my ass off. She was married and looking to meet new friends in the area for some platonic friendship and even though that's not necessarily what I'm looking for I just had to say hi, she was just THAT funny and witty.

WE got to friendly chatting and she mentioned that she's an aspiring burlesque dancer. Naturally, I just had to know more being that I absolutely adore Dita Von Teese and I can't ever take my eyes off the beautiful Ili Jean, aka Queen Frostine Dream.

She tells me that she's studying with the Philadelphia School of Burlesque and that I should come to a workshop, even if I was just curious. And I was. So I am. Going, that is! Class starts tonight and I'm determinded to learn what I can and work hard to eventually be able to perform in the showcase in September!

If I love it as much as I think I will, I'm going to enroll in an adult ballet class to try and tighten up my dance skills and get a little lighter on my feet. I think this could be a really fun and fabulous hobby!

Who'd have thought? Me. A burlesque dancer in training.

It all happened so fast, but I'm so glad I broke my routine and took a moment to stop and chat with a nice girl I had no intentions of sleeping with.


  1. I am very happy about this, it makes me smile very much.

    That is in code, see if you can break it.


  2. hmm i don't know the code but I'm hoping it means you and your wife will watch a video of me dancing and it will make you two so hot you'll have sexitimes!