What I did this weekend...Date with Lady Cop!

Gah, I totally need to post more... damn you Twitter!! I swear, if i didn't blurb out my every little boring thought there I might actually have something interesting to actually BLOG once in a while... jeeez. :)

So I spent my weekend making a new custom video and putting together a custom photo set. I gotta say, I reeeeeally love the custom orders. It's so personal and I love trying to capture on film exactly what someone wants whether it be fetish or glamour or extra-explicit. It's such a turn-on to get the positive feedback when I've nailed it for them and they've really enjoyed what I sent them. I LOVE IT. It's what keeps me going and keeps me doing all of this.

Now on to the good stuff!
I had a fabulous first date on Friday night with Lady Cop. She's adorable and funny and no-nonsense. She was dressed casual with the cutest rhinestone sandals I've ever seen! Leave it to me to notice the shoes first, huh? She was fun and sweet, not to mention articulate and really easy to talk to. I tried not to dominate the conversation (I have a problem with rambling when I get nervous) and I think I managed to keep the diarhea-of-the-mouth in check. It left room for me to learn a TON about Lady Cop. She has a 12yr old daughter (she doesnt at all look old enough for that, trust me, lol) and she was a stripper! OMG, I was totally shocked and amazed. Needless to say, that gave her a million points in my book. So I asked if she'd give me pole lessons, and well if you could have seen the cheshire-cat smile she gave me in response! Good stuff. We had dinner and a couple of drinks (only two each, she is a cop after all.. drunk driving is umm, a no-no I'm sure) along with great conversation and lots of laughs. As the night was winding down, I walked her to her car to say goodnight. I gave her a hug and to my surprise she leaned in, pushed me up against the side of her durango and proceded to give me the hottest goodbye kiss I've EVER gotten on a first date. I mean, omg. It was dark and we were in a far corner of the parking lot so trust me, it went from a kiss to full-on making out in a hurry. I could have ripped her clothes off right there. The way she smelled like vanilla to the way she ran her hands through my hair... my god, y'all. Seriously.Wet. Panties. That's all I can say about that.