Let the Games BEGIN.

Time to start cracking! I've got a bunch of shoots scheduled in the upcoming months and now is the time to get ready for them! In addition to amassing wardrobe and figuring out hair and makeup, I've got a routine that I do before photo shoots. A few little things I like to do to be sure my skin, body and mind are all ready and at their best before go-time. No one wants a flaky model on their set and I'm sure they'd love to not have to photoshop the hell out of you because you're tired or having a shitty skin day. That being said, I feel like preparation is key. Especially since I'm not 21 anymore (or 25, but who's counting? lol), I really gotta be conscious of what I do and what I put into my body. Most certainly if I'd like people to continue to want to take pretty, dirty pictures of me! Now these are things I do normally but certainly not as die-hard as I should. Although, once I've scheduled a shoot, there's no room for deviation if I want to look and feel human in front of a camera ...most times naked.

Two weeks before shooting:
-30mins Power Yoga (Sadie Nardini - she's friggin awesome, buy her DVDs!) 3 days/week.
-30mins Weight Training (I use a stability ball and light free-weights) 2day/week. (opposite days from yoga.)
-Drink as much water as I can stand. (Seriously, you should always get your 64oz a day but I really go into over drive with the water, it helps battle any bloating and makes my skin glow.)
-TONS of melons. (they're mostly water which help with water retention and hydration, not to mention packed with vitamins.)
-Lots of dark green veggies. (you can't beat the vitamins and FIBER you get from them. Think "light on your feet", haha too much?)
-Sleep, sleep and more sleep. (I don't have to tell you that you need to be properly rested daily for your body to work it's best and for your skin to not look un-dead. I make sure I get at LEAST 8 hours if not more.)
-Cut out the salt. (This? This is the hard one for me. I looove salty foods. But it's really the devil when you're trying to have really awesome-looking skin. Salt = Bloat. Keep it to a minimum.)
-Exfoliate. (Use a good body scrub to sluff away any dry skin. I use it all over: my ass, my tits, my legs, arms... everything. Trust me, it's worth it!)
-Do not, I repeat: DO NOT try any new products, vitamins, perfumes, etc. (I was always tempted to but some fancy moisturizers and creams for a big event but you never know what kind of reaction you'll have to them. Hives are not sexy, ya'll. Use what your body knows and is used to!)

That's pretty much it! I'm sure it sounds super obsessive to some people but honestly, you want to put your best out there when someone is taking time to photograph you. Being prepared goes a long way to helping relieve stress beforehand so you can just show up ready to work and ready to have fun!!

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