DIY time!

New adventure... Carpenter/Furniture maker Girl!
I'm determined to make some more fun stuff for my lil makeshift studio in my house so I can crank out some more awesomeness and hopefully let other models use the space as well.
I REALLY want this background - which is really just a glorified padded headboard with covered buttons.

Isn't that fucking sweet?

I found a few sets of DIY instructions on how to make this and I'm going to enlist my handy men (and oh how handy they are! lol) to tackle this with me. I just need to decide on a fabric and color. Hmmm... any ideas on good websites to buy discounted fabric?


  1. Ooh, I love it! Can't wait to see the finished product - I'm gonna link you off my brand-new blog, fellow DIY-er!

    I'd suggest going with lycra for that,, that one looks like it's in satin - satin is a woven and any little mistake (say, a moved button) will show. Lycra is easy to keep clear, and will be more forgiving and still has that nice sheen to ti. Be careful with discount fabrics, they are often damaged and you want a clean backdrop. Lots of fabric stores have remnant tables that are the last of a roll, just look before you buy.

  2. thank you thank you! I will totally go for the lycra.. what an awesome idea!!
    what's the name of your blog?? it says your profile is not available for viewing :(

    I'd love to link you here too!

  3. OOh, thanks for the heads up. I will look into that. My blog is

    P.S. Savannah is one of my fave cities!

  4. fabulous! love the blog! I added you to my blogroll... can't wait to read more from you!