Anyone know...?

...How I can make a background like this for photoshoots? I wouldn't even know what the hell it's made out of but if anyone has any suggestions on how to duplicate it, I'd be so grateful!

Oh and yes, that's Aubrey O'Day. She's a sassy broad and I *heart* her.


  1. I think that may be another lycra... theres a store in NYC called Spandex World, I used to work for a lady who made stripper dresses and thats where she got her yardage, again not the cheapest (maybe $30 a yard) but super durable.

    This is pretty close

    The smaller stores in the fabric district is more willing to cut deals, but check the merch for stains, damage etc.

  2. You get similar stuff that's used in nightclubs and you can buy it on ebay. It's fairly 'rigid' though - if you want a sequiny type curtain, try Asian shops that sell saris and props for Indian weddings or here

  3. Wow. I love that. I might just steal that for a photo shoot myself. LOL

  4. It turns out that it's a digital background!! A friend of mine showed me how it's done and apparently anyone proficient in PhotoShop (not I, haha) can make it happen pretty easily!